Arena Pass 25-man Heroic mode tactics

There has been a lot of talk about how we managed to sign up for Arena Pass 25-man heroic mode with 11 druids, and now that other guilds have managed to do it as well we think it's time to give out our tactics.

The boss has 3 phases and has 120M hitpoints.


Phase 1: The location of the boss


In the first phase the boss is on another website and players need to click a specific URL to teleport into the right room. Then, by standing in the correct position and jumping you'll get to the phase.


The positions in phase 1


Phase 2: account


In the second phase the boss will disconnect all players and you'll need to log in with your account to continue playing. No, this isn't PTR.


Phase 3: Your character and gold


In this phase the players need to give out their character information and their gold provider (aka. credit card). This phase is all about how much you have in store, so I hope you prepared for this patch in time!

So needless to say, we'd like to welcome everyone to participate in the arena tournament and maybe face our deathly 3vs3 team in the games.