New Blood in Paragon: Lyn Interview

Lyn is one of the two healing priests currently raiding in Paragon. He joined the guild in 2013 and has been playing a healer in the raid setup since then.

Hi there! Introduce yourself to us briefly.

My name's Aleksi, I'm 21 and currently live in Tampere. I play Disc Priest in Paragon under the nick Lynmd.

What do you do on your free time, when you aren’t playing World of Warcraft?

I'm currently studying computer science in the University of Tampere which obviously takes some time but honestly I mostly sit on the computer playing Dota 2 and watching TV shows.

Tell us about your World of Warcraft history and what class you play now.

I started playing in vanilla and played more or less casually until Cata. In Firelands I joined Pure which is my previous guild. In that guild I noticed I was becoming decent at the game and my mentality about the game was also getting more and more hardcore. When Paragon announced they are going 20man for WoD, I decided to see what I can accomplish in this game. I was accepted and first played Shaman in Siege farm raids, but rerolled to priest for WoD.

Why are you playing priest? How did it perform in Highmaul?

We chose priest as my class going into WoD based on Beta performance. I was originally going to play Holy, but when the raid got closer, we realized that Disc is actually pretty good. I tried it in the Heroic week and decided it's best to have one of each spec starting out. In my opinion Disc performed extremely well in Mythic progression. Especially PW:S made a lot of predictable damage trivial and that combined with great sustain and tank-healing capabilities made Disc really worth having in the raid.

Imperator Mar’gok was the first boss you killed before anyone else in the world. How did it feel when the boss finally died? Was it like you expected it to be?

The kill felt amazing, pretty much as I expected. There's nothing like all of our preparation paying off. It was also my first when it comes to world first kills, so there's also that added bonus. But then again, this tier was maybe on the easier side so that takes the hype down a notch.

You played earlier in Pure, an international 25-man team. What expectations did you have about Paragon before you joined? Are things in the guild like you thought they would be?

I expected the guild to be a bunch of great players passionate about winning and that's pretty much what I got. I maybe expected some things to be a bit more formal but other than that there wasn't many surprises.

What is the main difference between your old guild Pure and Paragon?

For me, it's mostly the time and effort put in towards progress. Of course the level of play is also different, especially when it comes to communication.

How was the pressure during the progress? Especially when you were at 5/7 and many people thought you were progressing on Butcher.

There was some pressure to prove myself in actual progress but I was confident going in, so it didn’t matter much. When it comes to being 5/7 for such a long time it didn't really make much of a difference since we already knew how to deal with Butcher. It was quite funny though seeing the forums and such going a bit wild with speculation.

Name one player from Paragon that you think should be awarded with “the best player in Highmaul progress”, if such a trophy existed?

In terms of personal performance Fragi stood out on his paladin. Alzu also stepped up when it comes to leading the raid during encounters.

How was the overall difficulty of the instance? If you gave each boss a rank from 1-10, how would it look like?

I think the difficulty was on the easier side but it was mostly things related to number tuning. I don't think the guilds ever had this good gear when going into new content though, so it might just be that.
Kargath: 1
Twins: 1
Brackenspore: 3
Tectus: 3
Ko'ragh: 5
Butcher: 5
Mar'Gok: 7

What are your favourite bosses of all time, and how does Imperator compare to them?

Ragnaros and Lei Shen are my favourites, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Imperator had the potential to be on the level of those bosses, but the number tuning was too easy. It's still a really cool boss, and when we first reached the last phase, we were knocked off our feet.

What are your expectations for Blackrock Foundry? Which boss are you looking forward the most?

My expectations for Blackrock Foundry are pretty high, as the quality of raiding content in WoW has been going up constantly. If the tuning is right, I think Iron Maidens and The Blast Furnace have the potential to be really cool encounters. When it comes to our performance, I think we will keep going strong and should be able to secure another world first.

If you could change one thing with your class, it would be…

Rebalancing the spells within the spec so you spend less time spamming PW:S.

If you could change one thing in World of Warcraft, it would be…

Changing a lot of things to be account wide, such as the garrison, reputations, bank and so on.

Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to my friends cheering for us and my old guild Pure.


Hi Aleksi
Nice to know you ;) We want to know more about Jhazrun if it possible. GL

Came here hoping there would be a new interview, was not disappointed. Finally some weird hair-do in Paragon!

@naffo6 - Since this is named "New Blood" I doubt we will read something about Jhazrun here, but I also would love to read an interview with him.

i hope so, for me Jhazrun better than WFK ;-)

GL for next race

I'll ask Jhazrun, if he'd be up for it. You'll have to wait after the Christmas tho. What would you want to know more about? Highmaul questions or something else?

We want to know about that person behind Jhazrun. age, how long playing wow, when he joined Paragon etc etc. and best moment in hes wow time. thanx