A complete package (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .psd) of our logos can be found here.


Below you can find a list of interviews our members have been on. There are also some links to blogs and sites that have written about us.

Date Interview Interviewee
8.1.2012 "Ladan", The Raid Observer: Round Table - t13 progress race arx
29.12.2011 "Starym", Manaflask: Dragon Soul Aftermath: DREAM Paragon arx
11.12.2011 "Ladan", The Raid Observer: Round Table - 5 top guilds talk bans xenophics, arx
8.12.2011 "Ladan", The Raid Observer: Dragon Soul race update: heroic week and bans Synti, xenophics
5.12.2011 "LooKa", wow.inven: 4.3 patch, Fight for no. 1 spot - Paragon xenophics (in Korean)
28.7.2011 "LooKa", wow.inven: PVE article from the number one guild. Meet Paragon! xenophics (in Korean)
21.7.2011 "Starym", Manaflask: Champions Again: A Post-Ragnaros Chat with Paragon  zYN, arx
7.4.2011 Oliver 'Marth' Schillbach, Fragster: "We are a part of the eSport" Kruf, arx
24.3.2011 "Starym", Manaflask: Alts, The Paragon Way Kruf, Deva, xenophics
20.3.2011 Chase Christian, WoW Insider: The Light and How to ... Diamondtear DiamondTear
15.3.2011 "Avl", noob-club: Lappé-Paragon: Этим летом мне 20, у меня нет девушки Lappe (in Russian)
2.3.2011 "Бизешка", noob-club: Top-1 или прогоны с Paragon-ом Rakez
15.2.2011 "Lorie", WoWGirl: WoWGirl entrevista Paragon! xenophics
13.2.2011 "Titan", Wowjuju: Exclusive Interview with Paragon Verdisha
10.2.2011 "Starym", Manaflask: Paragon Age: Origins Kruf, Rakez, xenophics
5.2.2011 "Brevemente" Immortal Core: Interview with Paragon Kruf, Rakez, xenophics
1.2.2011 Mark Ward, BBC Gaming and raiding in World of Warcraft Ladan, Arx
31.1.2011 Euripides Hunting Party Podcast, Episode 68 Kruf
24.1.2011 Caspar Johannessen Åsheim Arcticnova: Intervju: Lazei (Paragon) Lazei
27.2.2010 "Larísa", The Pink Pigtail Inn: Chaotic ventrilo in Paragon raids -
31.3.2010 "Kid Arctica", World of Raids: Focus: The Anatomy of a World First Kill Lazei, Sejta, Rakez


Paragon was formed by the core members of Knockout (Twisting Nether) and Sauna (Stormreaver) for Wrath of the Lich King in August 2008. But our roots go much deeper than those two guilds. Some of our members have been playing together since before World of Warcraft and have raided together in every raid instance there has been. After leveling up in WotLK, and getting most of the realm first leveling achievements of the full populated realm, we managed to get world 14th 3 drake 10 man Sartharion achievement which was the hardest encounter in the game at the time. We played on Stormscale but the lag was so horrible we had to take a free migrate to Lightning's Blade before Ulduar.


Tier 8 - Ulduar

In Ulduar all of our hard mode kills were in top 15 with 4 top 3 kills. At some point before killing Algalon 25 we recruited the 8 Finnish core members of Underground Kosmonavts (Ravencrest). They had achieved world second 10 man Algalon but they were Alliance and faction change wasn't available yet. After our new members had leveled up and been geared we started working on the hardest encounter in the game so far: Alone in the Darkness 25. Ulduar had been out for almost 4 months at this point but this insanely hard encounter had not been completed. Within only days after we started trying it we managed to kill Yogg'Saron without any watchers helping and thus achieved Alone in the Darkness 25 as the second guild in the world.


Tier 9 - Trial of the Crusader

When Trial of the Grand Crusader's hard modes were unlocked we quickly killed the first three hard mode bosses without wipes. On Twin Val'Kyrs we wiped for four times but managed to get the world second kill. Then came the real challenge of the instance, the last boss: Anub'Arak 25 heroic. With the try limits implemented by Blizzard for ToGC we were one of the few guilds to kill the last boss during the first week. Anub'arak went down after 42 wipes, with only 4 tries remaining and thus we achieved our first World First kill. In the next reset we also managed to clear the instance with only 5 wipes and achieved the world first Tribute to Mad Skill.

World first Anub'arak 25-man heroic mode kill 8.7.2009


Tier 10 - Icecrown Citadel

In Icecrown Citadel 25-man normal mode we got the world first Lich King kill (where the encounter was working as intended). Our Professor Putricide normal world first is also worth mentioning as many other guilds believed the encounter was bugged and didn't attempt it as they were afraid of wasting attempts. We also managed to get the world first 10-man heroic Lich King kill just a few hours after the servers got up after the 5% zone buff went live. In 25-man heroic Icecrown Citadel we got Europe first kills from 8 first bosses and world first kills from wing end bosses: Blood-Queen Lana'thel, Sindragosa and Professor Putricide. We achieved the world first 25-man heroic Lich King kill 26.3.2010. 28.7.2010 we finished the raids of Wrath of the Lich King by killing the Lich King hard mode with 0% zone buff.

World first Lich King 25-man heroic mode kill 26.3.2010


Tier 11 - Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the Four Winds, Blackwing Descent

Cataclysm was released 7.12.2011 and from tier 11 (Bastion of Twilight, Throne of the Four Winds, Blackwing Descent) we managed to get 7 world first heroic mode kills: Conclave of the Four Winds, Omnotron Defence System, Theralion and Valiona, Ascendant Council, Nefarian, Sinestra and Al'akir. We also were the first guild to kill all the bosses on heroic mode, when Al'akir died 24.1.2011, almost two months after the race began. The progress was the heavies we had ever had, and most of the guild was pretty burned out and just happy to get away from the game after securing our position as the number one guild in Cataclysm.

World first Sinestra 25-man heroic mode kill 20.1.2011


Tier 12 - Firelands

Firelands heroics opened 6.7.2011 and we took the first 4 bosses down with no rush. We catched up with the other guilds at Baleroc, and later got the world first kills from Majordomo Staghelm and eventually from Ragnaros 19.7.2011.

World first Ragnaros 25-man heroic mode kill 19.7.2011


Tier 13 - Dragon Soul

Dragon Soul race was a very different one for multiple reasons, and in the end we managed to wrap up the last tier of Cataclysm placing 4th in the 25-man raiding scene.

World fourth Madness of Deathwing 25-man heroic mode kill 27.12.2011