New Blood in Paragon: Paradar interview



Let's start with the usual introduction chit-chat: Tell us a little bit about the person behind Paradar.

I'm soon to be a 22 year old full time gamer. I was born in Kouvola, but now I live in Helsinki together with my fiancé Minna.


You joined Paragon some time ago. Where did you play before that and what prompted you to apply for Paragon?

I've been in two hardcore guilds - Project Mayhem at Skullcrusher and Defile at Stormreaver. I applied to Paragon because I wanted more from this game. From what I heard from Vivanda (Awynia), Paragons players have the kind of attitude I like.


How was the recruitment progress: what was asked and how did you ensure Paragon of your superiority?

Sejta really didn't ask much. I think the most important question was if I topped the damage meter on Ultraxion HC kill.


Paradar IRL


Did you know anyone from the guild before applying?

Vivanda and I have mutual real life friends. Tauno and Lappe I know from my friend Ceeke's guild Arctica (Stormreaver).


Have you heard any crazy stories about our members or the guild as a whole? If yes, do you believe in them?

People always tell stories, but I'm being realistic. I can figure out the truth usually.


Almost every top guild is recruiting before a new expansion to have a strong line-up once it hits. But between now and the release there is not much to do. How does it feel to join a guild at such a point in time?

It's a bit sad that I didn't get to progress Spine and Madness of Deathwing with Defile, but chance like this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Paragon is currently going through a very low activity period, what do you do in WoW besides raiding one or two days a week?

I have twelve alts that I play. Mostly my other warrior, also called Paradar in an irl 10-man guild at Stormreaver.


You are joining two very illustrious Warriors, Verdisha and Wakoz. One is the resident drink mixer and selector and the other one a gold maker in-game. What is your special treat?

Because these two things are already reserved, I think I'll go with most online hours a day.


Paradar and the fellow warriors at Ultraxion.


For the first time in a long period Paragon did not get the World First on a final boss. How was it for you as a new member to come in at such a point in time?

I really don't care. Paragon was still the first of the banned guilds to kill Deathwing.


Why are you playing a warrior at the moment?

It's the only class I have really interest in to play. All the other classes are freaking boring.


(How could playing a warrior even be boring with all those tentacles?)


Tell us about your gaming history?

I started playing Counter Strike in 2006 after a sports accident. In the three following years I travelled all over Finland to play in lan tournaments. In 2009 I started playing WoW and I'm still here.


What is your favourite expansion/tier/boss fight?

Anub'arak HC. This was the first real 25 man HC boss for me. Thanks for Rigsby, Ronab and Nelflol for taking me in to guild and raids even when I was new for HC raiding.


Thanks for the interview Paradar. There is still one thing to be explained though, and that is why your character is a blood elf in the screenshot but an orc "IRL".

"Originally I promised that I'd race change if I got topped on damage meters. That didn't happen before I joined Paragon, so now I'm an orc then", says Paradar.


I gotta say I just love the race change story. Verdisha makes belfs turn into orcs!

Good to hear you made it to the very top of hardcore raiding Para . Best of luck in the next tier ,i`m sure Paragon will continue to be world first.
Regards Unmakér a.k.a. Labjugarden :)

Good luck in Paragon Paradar. Remeber playing with you in Minority. Glad you made it so far.


Paradar could you tell what raid frames you use? Not sure if its Grid but if so, what plugin you used to see all the debuffs on everyone because I doubt that you add them manualy :P

im useing Shadowed Unit Frames

I'm not impressed, dunno why. Fav boss Anub'arak, started wow in '09.. dunno, but gl and hope for the best.

The (sad) truth is that it gets harder and harder to recruit those "I've played since vanilla" -players, as many of them have quit already.

Also, I believe that one can get very good in just a couple of years, especially if he/she has experience from playing another game at the top level. I haven't seen Paradar in action yet (read: during progress), but I won't go judging him from how long he has played and which boss he likes the best. We'll see if he's worth his big talks during MoP.

can not add ppl at us servers to real id and log main to link ach, so posting my us char link here.

\o/ Darktrance