Introducing the Raider

Another day, another dungeon!

Going with the theme and focus of the expansion, intrepid expeditions down the line can expect to follow the footsteps of a real expert in the art of dungeoneering. Sided by his trusty whip and sidearm, the Raider makes his way out into the World of Warcraft.

”We wanted to do something about the common pitfalls of the PvE system without overly upsetting the established order and balance of things. We feel the addition of the Raider helps cut down much of the tangle surrounding boss encounters for both the players and the designers.”

At its core, the Raider is a high-skill melee DPS class, and each of its specializations lets him or her contribute competitive damage throughout a fight. However, with the right spec the Raider can also function in an off-tank or ranged DPS role - without change of equipment - as called for by the encounter in question.

”Variance in encounter mechanics is often limited by reasonable expectations of group composition in terms of simultaneous tanks or the balance of melee and ranged classes. A couple of wild cards in the mix permit much more dynamic scripts. Also, we believe the Raider’s skill sensitive playstyle to provide interesting damage-dealing opportunities for players looking for a challenge.”

At level 10, the Raider may choose to specialize as a Curator, a Corsair, or a Ranger. The Curator is a daring delver of antiquity, expertly maneuvering around the field in search of an opening. The Corsair and his crew work their decadent trade with cut-throat efficiency, storming full sail into bloody combat. In the wild borderlands is safe no lone walker except Ranger with a reputation for a well-worn pair of guns, and heat to match.


Sample class abilities



50 energy, 6 sec cooldown

Causes 120% weapon damage plus X split between all enemies within a 20 yd cone in front of you, silencing and causing them to be unable to attack for 1 sec.


Sidearm: Fire

20 energy, 35 yd range

Causes 135% weapon damage plus X to a target. Costs a sidearm charge.


Sidearm: Cripple

25 energy, 35 yd range, 8 sec cooldown

Causes 70% weapon damage plus X to a target and reduces its movement speed and melee damage dealt by 50% for 2 sec. Costs a sidearm charge.


Sidearm: Reload

1.5 sec cast

Restores a sidearm charge, up to a maximum of one.




Your melee attacks cause you to gain a stack, up to a maximum of 5. A stack can only be gained every 2 sec. While moving away from the nearest enemy, every 5 yds traveled consumes a stack and restores 10 energy.



30 energy, 20 sec cooldown

Heals yourself 10% of your maximum health, increases all healing taken by 40%, and causes the next two heals received to restore 15 energy each. Lasts 4 sec.



1 min cooldown

Increases the movement speed of all party and raid members by 60% for 2 sec.


Sample Curator abilities



Melee attacks on enemies increase your damage on that target by 10% for 7 sec, stacking up to 3. Attacks from one direction can only trigger the effect every 15 sec.


Swing Kick

60 energy, 15-35 yd range, 10 sec cooldown

Quickly travel to target location with your whip, causing X damage to enemies near the path or destination and stunning them for 1 sec, and restores 30 energy if an enemy is hit. The damage, stun duration, and energy restored are increased the further the first enemy is hit by up to an additional 100%.



15 sec cooldown

When active, your Sidearm: Reload can be cast while moving. Lasts 5 sec.



20 sec cooldown

Triggers a trap under the Curator, causing it to spring after 1.5 sec and deal X damage to all enemies and party and raid members within 7 yds.


Sample Corsair abilities



15 sec cooldown

Your next Whiplash also pulls all targets hit to you and causes them to bleed for an additional 30% of the initial damage over 10 sec.


Dead Man’s Thrust

40 energy

Causes 80% weapon damage plus X, and for the next 3 sec your attacks on the target cause them to bleed for an additional 30% damage over 10 sec.



30 sec cooldown

When active, causes your next three sidearm abilities to not cost a sidearm charge.


Partners in Crime:

40 energy

Calls a Crewman to fight alongside you. The Crewman cannot be targeted, and deals additional damage equal to 15% of your melee attacks. Attacks against you equal to greater than 15% of your maximum health cause the death of a Crewman, but it and all physical damage taken for the next 6 seconds are reduced by 65%, and their chance to critically hit is reduced by 6%. This effect can only trigger every 6 seconds. Up to two Crewmen can be active at the same time.


Sample Ranger abilities


Wild Pair


Sidearm: Reload instead restores six sidearm charges, up to a maximum of twelve. In addition, the range of sidearm abilities is increased by 5 yds.



15 sec cooldown

Your next Whiplash also pulls all targets hit towards each other and roots them for 2 sec, and restores 10 energy for each, up to a maximum of 50.



40 yd range, 12 sec cooldown, 1 sec cast

Draws a bead on a target for up to 3 sec, causing 120% weapon damage plus X and an additional 50% damage for each sec aimed. Costs a sidearm charge.


Lead Dance

30 yd range, 16 sec cooldown, channeled

Unloads all remaining chambers on a target area of 8 yd radius, causing 40% weapon damage plus X to all enemies in it and disorienting them for 1 sec every second. Costs 2-12 sidearm charges, and lasts 0.25 sec for each charge consumed.