ParaCon Goodie Bag Unveiled

We will be handing out an exclusive Goodie Bag for every ParaCon 2012 visitor - use this once in a lifetime opportunity to obtain these awesome pieces of art, which include: 

  • A cuddly Sejta bear, a soft toy that melts your heart with a lovely smile
  • New, exclusive Cool Atramedes pet which reminds you to raid fairly
  • PaRadar, a new authenticator for MoP:BE, which uses state of the art satellite technology to allow you to play with players of similar skill level and attitude
  • A new set of heirlooms that make your leveling experience harder and downrank your stats to make everything you do in game feel like you are playing without any gear at all
  • A Finnish-English-Finnish raiding dictionary to help you reach your dream of being a Paragon member
  • The hardcore raider survival kit: A bottled energy drink, a frozen pizza, and an empty bottle to take care of those pesky calls of nature during progress raids

Remember that these items will only be obtainable during this year's ParaCon, so be sure to attend, or you will regret it later!


do i see a mistake in the picture (Harcore=Hardcore) ^^

How do u recive one of these Goodie Bags i wonder? I'd want one so badly!!

read the third one as altitude instead of attitude and was like WTF!? :D

That was cleverly caught must say!Hardwood Flooring