Brutal Edition spotlight


We decided to share some excerpts from the MoP:BE change log. Take a look!



Personal Skill Rating

While in a dungeon or raid, the server will automatically track your performance as a Personal Skill Rating. The PSR will be visible from your character's Armory, and on global leaderboards.

Global Warcraft League

Starting 2013, we are launching the GWL for competitive raiding guilds. The competition will be split to two divisions, Code W and Code F, with Code F providing world-class prizes and prestige for the guilds competing for world firsts, and Code W acting as a stepping board for promising raiding guilds.


Added the long overdue Finnish localization to the game. Tervetuloa Sotataidon Maailmaan, hyvät herrat.




Removed flying mounts from the game, as they suppressed interaction with the game world. To facilitate long-range travel, we added a backseat mode to Druids' flying form, also providing much needed utility for the class.


The next legendary will enable Shaman players of all specs harness the full power of the elements in Thrall's legacy. Stay tuned for more information!


Raids & Dungeons


Difficulty settings are now named easy and normal (previously normal and heroic).


Normal difficulty setting removed.

Spectator mode added

A spectator mode has been added to enable viewing high-end raiding guilds in action. For now, you can only watch a single raider in a first person view, but we are working on a full-featured cinematic spectator camera, that will help you capture every piece of action from the raid and monsters alike.


Attunements are back! Epic questlines are restored as per-character prerequisites to entering high-end raiding instances. Lower tier raids and 5-man dungeons will require an account-based attunement, which includes an aptitude test which can be taken at the Battle.Net account management.

New and improved Looking For Raid-tool

No longer are you restricted to randomly selected compansions while seeking the LFR experience. The new and improved LFR tool connects you with likeminded people, who also wish to partake in an entry-level raiding experience. Anyone bold enough to form a group will have the opportunity to talk with and inspect any potential raid members, before accepting them to the LFR raid. Finally you will have a chance to form your own LFR experience.



Game type separation

All class skills will have an associated PvE and PvP version of them, only usable in that setting. Furthermore, all PvE and PvP items are now strictly usable versus monsters or players only - no stats from PvE items will be counted towards PvP battle.

Rated battlegrounds

Added Heroic 10-man and 25-man settings for rated battlegrounds.

New epic daily quests which you can do on heroic rated battlegrounds.



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