Arena Pass: Arena-Costume-Party


Being a Shadow Priest in a 3on3 Arena team is a little bit like being a single mother with two children having a birthday party. Today it was little Jubetos birthday and he had invited three friends over. It was a costume party and the guests had arrived as Mage, Shaman and Priest. Jubeto himself had put on his new Warlock costume and was so happy when he unwrapped his big present: An Alchemist starters kit. While she was in the kitchen trying to raise her cooking skill by making a delicious chocolate cake the birthday boy had managed to eat and drink half of the kits contents and creating a messy glowing portal on the ground. With all the chemicals in his body he seemed to be somewhat able to move back to that circle from almost anywhere in their small house in Brill, which made him the king of hide and seek. Within all this childrens party madness his older brother zYN was wearing his Death Knight costumes made out of old tin cans that he had already worn for a week, refusing to get out of it. From all his sneezing sounds it sounded like he had gotten sick inside of it but he didn’t care and was happily death gripping all of the small children into his arms and unknowingly spreading his diseases to them.

When mother Xenophics came out of the kitchen with the big cake he would find the three invited guests walking around in a dizzy state of sickness while her two boys were having a blast and laughed the whole time. She became angry, very angry, one could say she turned in a black shadow of angriness yelling so loud that the already sickened children ran away in fear and tumbled into the furniture, knocking them all out unconscious. She wanted to curse at her two beloved boys from hell but then decided that it might be best to just get away. For Jubeto and zYN it felt like victory and they knew it would boost their rating in the internal school bully ranking.

Xenophics just grabbed the two little buggers and went with them for a bat ride in the nearby Undercity amusement park, leaving the messy arena that was her home. Because in the end a mother loves nothing more than her own children that she will bless with fortitude to enhance their spirit and their stamina.


Children, I'm not officially shocked!