Badgame of team bad - Interview with a top pvp player

This was actually my absolutely favourite assignment of Arena Pass: Community Challenge competition. We were asked to interview a player from top 8 team from 3vs3 Tournament Realm ladder.

I was lucky enough to reach Badgame of "team bad" (lock, resto shaman, dk), currently number 6 of 3vs3 ladder, and ask him a couple of questions about himself, this year's Tournament Realm and class balance. A very big thanks to you Badgame, and the best of luck to your team to your games, I'll be rooting for you!


Hello Badgame, please introduce yourself to our readers

Alright, my actual main is Zotan from Blackout Agamaggan where I'm currently sitting on a comfortable rank 1. I'm currrently playing in a shadowcleave setup with Fabio and Glyptic on Arena Tournament Realm. I'm 18 years old and I actually graduated today.


Oh, congratulations! First of all, why did you decide to play World of Warcraft pvp seriously? Why not some other game for example?

Well I've always been a very competitive player so I always wanted to be the best. For each season I got better and better and eventually to where I'm now. I actually just started wow again because I was previously playing League of Legends fairly competitively.


Why did you decide to go with this setup and who are your teammates (how your team got together)?

As I said earlier, I pretty much stopped playing wow just as Arena Tournament Realm started but Fabio and Glyptic contacted me about playing shadowcleave (warlock, dk, shaman) because dks are out of control and the setup was fairly fotm. So I started again and we just began playing more actively.


What is your biggest achievement in the pvp scene?

I haven't won any tournament as of such so I assume my greatest achievements are my two r1 titles.


Who has been the toughest team to beat this year?

As of such, there's no specific teams that are hard. Sadly it's only specific setups that are, no matter how good/bad they are, will be a big problem for our setup.


Any thoughts on the balance in this season?

It's absolutely horrible (hence my character name). Everything Blizzard promised in wotlk about cata just disappeared: easier to lose mana, longer fights with larger healthpools, less bursty damage compared to wotlk. It's just one massive zergfest now, who is most fotm and who does the most damage. There is no skill involved.


Any tips to a new pvp player, how to get really good?

Practise, practise and more practise. Arena is so much about experience and you'll learn new things for every game you do.. we all started somewhere.


Thanks a lot for the interview Badgame and good luck to the games.