Introducing the Mulgore Gnometrotters

When the earth is shaking. When mothers call their kids inside and lock the door. When enemies are sweating in their armor like in a Finnish sauna. Then you know the Mulgore Gnometrotters are coming. 


They not just a 3vs3 Arena team. They are legends who elevated fighting to an art form. Jubeto, Xenophics and zYN will not just win against you, no Sir, they will make it look like a walk through Orgrimmar on a Sunday afternoon. They'll joke about you, curse you and make your confidence go down the drain before they slap you so silly you'd wish your mother was a Val'kyr that would fly down from the sky and rescue your sorry ass before it is too late. 


Founded on the dusty playgrounds of Mulgore where only the toughest survive, they've become the most epic team to ever walk the war torn grounds of Azeroth and Outlands. Let's take a look at who you'll be facing once the gates of the Arena open and you fear for your life. 


Jubeto, the Warlock, will curse at you so much that your HP go down before you even have time to concentrate. His nickname derives from "You bet 'cho" because he kicked Cho'Gall so hard that he cries out of all his numerous eyes. Aided by his loyal demons this Grand Master of the Dark Arts (©) will suck the life out of you while you run in fear before his fists come at you like a Shadow Bolt right where it hurts the most. 


Xenophics is the female on the team. You might be fooled by her slim, delicate physique but once you see the evil grin below her shadowy hood you'll know she is all business. Once enrolled in the convent of Satan she became so evil that he had to kick her out and closed down the school before moving deep down the earth to hide from her. She brings pain, a lot of it, and will attack from the shadows when you least expect it. While being offensive she never forgets her team mates and is loyal to them till death. She'll leave her dark mind behind and aid them, heal them, shield them or even grab them with all her strength to make sure they'll survive.


zYN is the last of the bunch and as you can guess from his name, he is zynical. Standing like a rock in a heavy plated armor, this battle hardened knight who was brought back to life, fears nothing, not even death. He wields a sword that others couldn't even carry and he does it with a level of ease and skill that is unmatched. When it hits it goes through armor like a hot knife through butter from Westfall cows. When he steps into the arena his enemies start to walk backwards, but before they know it he has death gripped them right in front of him and will start striking with all the force he has. He is one mean killing machine. 


Together this group of individuals forms a team that has slayed hundreds, even thousands. With every battle they win they become better. You should pray that you are not the next one to meet them.


Oh and why the name Gnometrotters you might ask? Because nothing is more comfortable to walk in then shoes made from dead Gnomes. They are just so comfy.