Arena Pass: Week 4 ladder

Arena Pass: Community Challenge is now drawing to it's end. This will be the last week for me to check the ratings on Tournament Realm and report how different teams have been doing. After I'm done writing this (and a handful of other achievements for the challenge) it's time to head to Sweden and Dreamhack, and after that it's Firelands time. As I know I'll be more than busy with pve stuff it's kind of fun to take this last look at ladders and enjoy the arena competition.

It has been quite interesting to keep on following the "progress" of arena ladder. Even when I'm not that much into pvp (and believe me, I know very little about the whole deal and the teams and famous names) it's always interesting to see how the top of the world is doing. Maybe I've even learned a few things (like you should play shaman or a lock) and gotten a bit more interested in pvp. We'll see.

For 3vs3 ladder this week we have:

"Rshaman take zero skill" claiming the first spot with 2572 rating. The team still has only less than 70 games but they've been doing pretty nice, only losing 7 games.



The number two team is "FLYING LIONS" with 2531 rating, which has played only 41 games. They are tied with "UKnoWhatITisZ", tough competition.


Looking at the ladders in 2vs2 and 5vs5 is quite uninteresting, as 5vs5 has no teams with ratings. You get the first spot by coming up with a name which is alphabetically first, even I could do that. On 2vs2 ladder "frost xDd" is leading with 2264 rating, "SCHNITTORIUS" comes second with 2237 rating and "PVE noobs beat you" the third with 2224 rating.

Good luck to the top 3vs3 teams, I think I'll end up following the ladder after all even when I don't "have to" write about it. Quite entertaining in the end, even I must admit.


fun fact, those tied up teams are both hydras teams