Hermanni on DH, Paragon and himself

This weekend the DreamHack lan will take place again in Sweden and Paragon will be there for live raids. Among the group of five that will attend the event is Hermanni, one of the last members to join the guild. I caught up with him for some questions about him, the DreamHack trip and being in Paragon.  


Welcome Hermanni. Could you give us a few short details about who is the person behind the Warlock?

I'm Topi, a 21-year old engineering student who sometimes plays WoW-internetgame.

You are going to DreamHack this weekend and it will be your first event representing the guild, at least outside of Finland. Are you excited and what are your expectations?

I'm expecting to have a lot of fun and watch SC2 until my eyes bleed. Going to Dreamhack is something I've wanted to do since I was at the Assembly for the first time in '06, but back then I never knew anyone else IRL who'd want to go there. And being a student and all I don't really have time or resources to travel much, so I'm thankful to Asus and Steelseries for inviting us along!

Kolori (Mage) and you are the two first-timers on this trip. How were you chosen to travel along Mom & Dad (Xenophics & Arx) and the Doctor (Verdisha)?

I volunteered and got lucky, not having been further than Assembly before kind of helped because we're fair and all.

It was announced recently that the raids will be casted together with Nordrassil Radio and TotalBiscuit. Do you look forward to that or is it no big deal to you who is casting?

I wasn't expecting such a casting force, but I do look forward to it. I've watched some of TB's videos and Starcraft shoutcasting and liked them. He even made me buy a game recently when HoN was down.

You played on Stormscale until joining Paragon in 2010. The server is known for having a large Scandinavian population, so will you meet any old guildmates and WoW friends at the DH?

I know I should be meeting a few, at least.

What were your reasons to apply for Paragon? It would be easy to say World Firsts, but I guess there is more motivation behind it than just that.

I had been wanting to try playing in 'better' guilds for a while, feeling like I'd have a good chance of getting into them, but being much too loyal for my own good so I just found myself sticking to my current guild, as always. Or that was until I heard Paragon was, in fact, actively recruiting, so I figured I couldn't just let the chance slip by and went for it.


I guess you always played in international guilds until joining Paragon. Was it strange or weird to be in an all Finnish guild all of a sudden, despite speaking the language fluently of course?

It was, undeniably, a bit of a cultural shock for me because I had (somewhat purposefully) been isolated from the finnish WoW-community. It wasn't one bit unpleasant though, at least after I got over laughing at the fingrish WoW-terms everyone fluently used in speech.

Paragon has been very active on the PTR lately. Do you enjoy the testing at weird times as a kind of appetizer before the race soon starts again? Or would you prefer doing farm raids and just start the bosses once 4.2 hits officially?

I guess PTR-raiding is a bit of a necessary evil, and even the short-notice late-night raids with completely broken bosses have the potential to be slightly frustrating, I do have to admit to getting some slightly masochistic pleasure out of it at times.

To wrap this small interview up: What or whom is Hermanni? To me it sounds a lot like the Germanic name Hermann, but I just don't think that is the source of inspiration in this case.

These days other finns often seem to relate my nickname to a certain Youtube video featuring fat kids with high-pitched voices that was a bit viral in Finland at some point, while people from outside Finland seem to think it has something to do with Harry Potter :D. However, I've had this name since I was 11 or 12, and it originally was a nickname I was given in school due to me being much taller and having vastly larger shoes than my peers who though my shoes ought to belong to a clown, and there was this TV-clown called Hermanni I got nicknamed after.

Last but not least it is time for shout outs from you to whoever you want and I also deliver greetings from the members of the Pinkspear Tribe under Tribe Chief Zippi, mon!

Hi to all old Stormscalers coming to DH! Also, moo.



Your nickname has kind of a sad story behind it Manni :/

But Niroth, you forgot to ask the _army_ question. Like, did you do the compulsory service and if you did where and what army rank do you have? Important things!

An interesting interview overall, I'd say, thanks.

The only sad thing about my nickname is that I'm too attached to it to change it. Every kid in my class had to have a stupid nickname, I wasn't alone :p And there is even more background to it but I'm sparing you.

I shall conduct a longer interview at another time with more in-depth questions. How about that :D

Will it be too detailed?

I'll try not to let that happen. Don't want to scare anyone away :)

Ok, I'll try to get all the scary details out myself during next weekend in Dreamhack then. I hear Manni can't take too much tequila... but of course we'll be playing drinking game with water.

What a cutie!

So the most important question is, have you ever tripped over your feet running to the next boss?