Trialing and Membering

About Me

Hello everybody. My nick is Yliajo and I’m one of the newest members of DREAM Paragon. I’m 24 and currently studying Information Technology and should be soon to be finishing my studies.


Before World of Warcraft

Games have always been close to my heart. Before WoW I played warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne/DOTA, and of course, Diablo 2. Then a lot of people were switching to WoW and I also made that transition starting with US open beta and basically have been on that road from that moment on.


Before Paragon

The previous guild that I raided with was Envy (hello Poyo!)… about one year ago. You might be wondering what did I do the time between Envy and Paragon.  I was actually studying and living in Japan for half a year. So that meant that I had to throw the towel for WoW for that period of time. When I got back to Finland after my expedition I didn’t even think about playing WoW again, but time went by I got bored playing other games and before I knew it, I was in a crossroads (WoW pun, deal with it) and had to make a decision: Should I start playing WoW again?

I don’t know about you guys but I had to think long and hard about that question and how it would affect me and my lifestyle in general because progress raids are not to be taken lightly. Either I would go all in or don’t bother even trying and all in it was. Then the next thing was which guild I should try to get into. Conveniently for me there was this full Finnish guild which was on a hot streak with world firsts. Note to Envy: (which is a great guild and I hope you guys give us a good race for the world first) I chose Paragon because I wanted to know where this road leads me. I’ll let you know how it worked out.



Not to downplay the applying part or make it seem like it’s easy to get into Paragon but this is how it broadly went: I bought Cataclysm and got scroll of resurrection and played the free 10 days to gather courage to apply to Paragon. This conversation was one week before normal Firelands came:

 <yliajo> hi, I would like to join Paragon

<Seita> wait until heroic Firelands is cleared

<yliajo> ok 


Weeks pass,  2-3h after they got Heroic Ragnaros down


<Seita> people that you played with previously said that you can play, so do you still want to join Paragon?

<yliajo> ok


After that there were only minor details to discuss, for instance, what class should I play. So off I go leveling up my new main and alts. Boring stuff, let’s move along.


Social Side of the guild

One of the good things about a single nationality guilds are that even before joining the guild, you kind of know how your fellow countrymen operate and think. So when I joined people generally were welcoming and fair, except the mandatory trolling every now and then and the occasional trial teasing, but that should be expected I think. Big plus was also that nobody went apeshit about the amount of questions I had because I practically had zero experience about Cataclysm raiding.

One thing that came to me as a surprise was the invitation to Assembly (biggest LAN party in Finland) which Paragon was attending and making a live raid. Apparently they had some computer spots open and I could come also there if I wanted. This was the perfect opportunity to meet my future fellow guild mates and just having fun… while farming Firelands thrash. Yep, that was what I basically did the whole time when I was at the computer there. This was the perfect opportunity to me to farm some gold because starting raiding on an empty realm wasn’t so nice. So I farmed the thrash about… hmm so, Pendulum’s song The Island (both parts) lasts about 9 minutes 30 seconds and one thrash clear was about that long and I listened that song about 65-70 times so you can do the rest of the math. I got about 100k gold from that + couple of upgrades to my hunter and dk.

There was also couple of parties during Assembly. It was really nice to see that side of the guild also. All around it was a good experience. Lots of laughs and good memories.



Everything has gone fine until now but what about when the next progress comes? Progress has always been the proving grounds of the best of the best and I have a feeling the next one is going to be the best one yet. I’m so excited to get to the laggy PTR and get to test some bosses that don’t work at all and have huge bugs all around and which Blizzard are constantly changing. Other thing I’m actually excited about (and I’m not the only one) is Diablo 3. I can’t even start to think about how many hours that game will take away from me. DOTA 2 will be also worth trying out.

So until the next progress, chill and recharge your batteries. Enjoy the fight to the world first and cheer us on!


P.S. Anybody going to GP Amsterdam this month?


so with two hunter recruits what does that mean?

you two are competing or the current hunters are re-rolling their alts?

At the moment we have four main hunters in the guild, but we'll see what the next patch brings.

This blog gave me alot of hope. I took a long break from Cataclysm as well, and recently came back, but I want to compete at the peak of my server's capability, so i'm glad to see even Paragon opens the doors to good players whether or not if they've been current or not. =) What was your experience in Firelands, or any raid from Cata for that matter when you applied to Paragon?