Ets, the new kid on the block

When Paragon recently announced their switch from 25 to 10 man, only one of the newer recruits received a spot in the new small roster. His name is Ets and he is playing a Resto Druid in the guild. I sat down with him to get a small insight on the person behind Ets and the start for Paragon into Mists of Pandaria.


Hi Ets, as one of the new guys in Paragon, please introduce the person behind "Ets" to us!

Hey, my name is Eetu, I am a 21-year-old student from a small town called Kangasala. At the moment, my hobbies include a lot of daily quests and instance grinding. Other than that, I enjoy watching movies and a few good TV series, along with sports such as jogging and swimming to keep myself in shape.


What is your World of Warcraft history and how did you end up in Paragon?

I began playing back in 2007, but at the time I was pretty casual and had quite a few breaks here and there. I started raiding more seriously at the launch of Cataclysm, in a guild called Revelations on Defias Brotherhood.

After Dragon Soul progress, Revelations had come to its end, and I moved on to a guild called ScrubBusters on The Maelstrom for a couple of months. Everything worked out alright with them, but I just couldn't resist the urge to try and race for world firsts, so I contacted Sejta and asked for a trial, at which point he asked me a few questions and said I was welcome to join.


You joined before Paragon decided to go from 25 to 10 man raiding. When was this possibility first brought up?

We had troubles filling the raids in the beta, so I guess everyone kind of knew we might not be able to play 25 man, but going 10 man wasn't the plan until very late, in fact, it wasn’t that long before the official announcement.


Were you at any point worried that you might not be included in the new roster?

Being one of the newest members, the thought crossed my mind. If more of the older members had the time/motivation to raid, I'm pretty sure I would've been out.


Right now you are the only new recruit who is included in the 10 man roster. How does it feel to be only "new guy" in a roster that has so much experience on the highest raiding level?

To be honest, I don't really feel like being a new guy anymore. Obviously everyone else in the roster has achieved much more than I have, but that doesn't mean that they're better.. ;-)


Players from Paragon level up very fast, like most top guilds do. How coordinated and planned out was this process in Paragon?

Not very. We had instance groups set up for people that wanted to be in one, and a rough idea of how much we wanted to level with them. Everything else was pretty much down to the individual. There wasn't a huge rush to level up this time around as the raids weren't open anyway.


You joined originally as a Shaman, but levelled your Druid first and are now also listed as a Druid. What prompted the switch?

When I joined, I was told that I could play just about any class/spec I wanted to, but that I'd probably need to reroll once we'd know what setup we actually want. I picked the shaman as I found it fun to play and it felt like a decent addition to the roster we had at that time. The 10 man team was lacking a healer and we felt a druid was the most logical choice for me, as that's the class I'm most experienced with as a healer.


At this point in time, the first raid has been opened on normal. Does the guild take this in any way serious or are you just getting it done in the first week whenever you feel like it?

Not really, the normal mode rankings are pretty trivial in our books. We'll just get the raids done some time during the weekend and focus on the heroic modes once they're available. (The interview was conducted before Paragon cleared normal mode last weekend).


To finish the interview, does the 10 vs 25 debate interest or concern you at all? Or do you just care about raiding at the highest possible level, no matter the size?

Personally, I think the brackets are too different to be compared to one another. You wouldn't compare a sprinter to a marathoner either. We still hope to finish before the 25 man guilds as well, though. I would have preferred 25 man, but, at the end of the day, I still get to race for world firsts with some of the best players in the game, so I'm not complaining.

Final shoutout and greetings if you have any. Thank you for your time :)

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