xenophics to study in South Korea

Life is truly a mysterious thing, it takes you to places you couldn't even have dreamed of. My next big adventure will be my 10+ months study time in Seoul National University of Science and Technology in South Korea, which means I'll be unable to raid in Paragon for that time period.

This also means that the duties I've had while playing in the guild, like taking care of the website, answering emails, and posting to social media, will be in the hands of the rest of the guild.

So this is a small goodbye from me to the whole guild as well as you who have been reading the website. I hope Paragon will be able to get some world firsts again in Pandaria, but I mostly wish that they'll continue to enjoy playing together as a guild, that has been my home for over 3 years already.

So, I might pop on once in a while after the end of August when my plane leaves. Let's see what happens when I come back next summer. Thanks everyone, see you later.


xeno xeno xeno <3 sisterhood will miss you!

I hope you'll get another sweet sister there who does mad dps!

Good luck with your studies! You will surely be missed by the Paragon-fans! :)

So many old-timers leaving =(

By the way, will Zhinn ever return?

why not raid from south korea? they have great internet over there and maybe the ping will be tolerable.

but have fun anyway!

Would guess since the purpose is to go study therexD Not really an oppurtunity you get every day.

6 or 7 hour time zone difference as well, I think xeno wouldn't sleep too much if she kept raiding with us while studying ;<

And honestly if you go study abroad, you dont really wanna spent all your free time playing wow ^^

Just the time difference makes it impossible to raid, and believe me, I got experince in that field. When you are studying abroad you got stuff to do, meetings to be in, chocolate to eat. Things like that.

As for xeno: Tee niin paljon eri asioita siellä mitä vaan ikinä pystyt olkoon se vähän outoa tai hankalaa. Syö elävää mustekalaa, kiipeä vuoria (tarkoitan kirjaimellisesti), pyöräile koko kaupunki läpi, mee rannalle ja ui meressä ja mitä tahansa mitä vaan päähän tulee. Omasta kokemuksesta voin sanoa, että aika paljon kaikkea tuli tehtyä, mutta vielä enemmänkin olisi voinut tehdä. Ulkomailla opiskelu avartaa todella paljon ja tulee luultavasti olemaan yksi parhaista kokemuksistasi elämässäsi. Pidä hauskaa niin paljon ku sielu sietää.

Kaikkea muuta vouchaan paitsi elävän mustekalan syömistä! Jos nilviäinen on hyvin vittumainen niin koettaa tarrautua kiinni nieluun imukupeillaan.
Lycka till ja tuo matkamuistona korealaista esport osaamista takataskussa.


Goodbye and farewell! The shadowpriest community wishes you the best of times! YOU'RE THE BEST!

Best of luck and hope you have a great time over there :)

Good luck to you xenophics. As you're my fav. "Paragonian" you shall be missed. If it wasn't for you I'd never have picked up a priest - so I thank you a million times.

some korean boy might get lucky ;p

Be sure to go watch the Starcraft Proleague while you're in Korea :)
It's really awesome.
Other than that, good luck!

Does this mean that, in addition to English, Xenophics also speaks Korean? That's really quite the accomplishment. I've heard some linguistic theories that Korean and Finnish are really distantly-related cousins, but that has since been largely discredited.