Enjoy the summer

It's been very quiet here in our end for some time already. The reason is simple - summer has finally arrived to Finland and we are all enjoying the warm days outside or the cool nights inside playing Diablo 3.

The real ID lists have been full of D's instead of W's for some time already and we have raiding that one night per week since January. Everyone is waiting for Mists of Pandaria raid tests to begin, and that shouldn't be that far away anymore.

It's funny to realize how long the guild has been together already. People are actually getting older, and situations are changing. Deva and Kyy managed to reach one milestone this summer when they both graduated from Polytechnics. Congratulations to both of them.

We have our traditional summer cabin trip coming up next month, it's going to be great. So, this is how we are doing atm. How are you? We'd like to wish everyone happy summer from Paragon, enjoy it!


fuck the summer

word dog!

lol, you troll.

Isn't summer in Finland pretty much like winter everywhere else?


I was thinking the same thing, you only ever see snow in that part of the world...


Step away from the apostrophe!

That cabin trip sounds awesome.
I've yet to meet anyone in my guild and it's been way over a year of playing together.

So far this summer I've been to Malaysia for 10 days which was awesome !
I've a video of it if anyone is interested:

The rest of the summer I'm gonna chill and maybe a trip to NYC, who knows?