Paragon acquired 5 players from Finland's arguably second best raiding guild

The leadership of Paragon has been working on the roster changes in the guild for some time now. We have had some players leaving, which means for example that Fragi plays the second main tank nowadays. We have also had a lot of new faces coming into the guild, for instance Paradar, Tombolo, and Daewyn joined shortly after t13 progress.

Now we have also secured 5 new players from Finland's arguably second best 25-man raiding guild, Draama (rank 34 worldwide after Ragnaros), which went on a raid break after Dragon Soul. Ironi (Death Knight), Robinboy (Mage), Morttu (Feral Druid), Veslash (Rogue), and Thasilian (healer Priest) joined the guild this week.
The reason we had so many players from one guild joining in, is because Draama quit raiding a little while ago. I asked Morttu (Llilja), a former officer of Draama, about what lead to the end of one of the oldest succesful raiding guilds in Finnish raiding scene. Morttu tells us that their main tank went on a few months vacation (which the guild knew about in advance) in the middle of right after Dragon Soul progress. The guild struggled to find a decent tank for Spine of Deathwing, so the GM put the guild on a 2 weeks raid break. "During the break people started leaving the guild, so we just said: thanks for the five years and good luck, and that was that."
Morttu told that later he was contacted by Ironi, a long term officer of Draama, about joining Paragon with a group of players from Draama. He agreed and they'll be joining the raid next reset.
When asking Ironi about motivation for joining Paragon, he says that he didn't think joining any other Finnish speaking guild would have really made sense for him. He also knows many of Paragon's members and doesn't think there will be any problems for the new guys to become a part of the guild. Morttu and Veslash also agreed that they were interested in a Finnish guild, and that Paragon was the obvious choice for both. In Paragon they are looking for a high quality raiding and IRL meetings, as well as a shot at getting world first kills.
"I want to play in a high end raiding guild, maybe even on the highest possible level. These kind of opportunities don't happen that many times in one's wow career, so this was a chance I couldn't pass", says Veslash about joining.
Both Morttu and Ironi have faith in the players that came from Draama. When asked, Ironi promised that the new members are in the guild to top the older ones on meters. "To be honest, the first resets are about learning about how the encounters are done in Paragon. So I doubt there will be any topping anything immediately", he added.
We welcome our new members from Draama to Paragon. With them and other new players our roster is getting stronger and stronger for Mists of Pandaria.


Sad to hear that more and more 25 man guilds are dissolving. I guess it's great for Paragon, more to pick from :P

All I read is that Kahva will stay alone :(

Don't worry, Kyy cheers him up sometimes ^_^

Sad to hear that...I hope paragon wont take two week breaks and disband during that time :(

Interesting article indeed. You got interesting facts here which are pretty offending actually.
1. "Morttu tells us that their main tank went on a few months vacation (which the guild knew about in advance) in the middle of Dragon Soul progress." Myh their MT left after madness was killed and gibbed, but guess Draama was progressing mop already.
2. "Finland's second best raiding guild " Draama was Finland's 3rd best raiding guild right after Exploding Labrats.
3. And finally the reason why Draama disbanded was the fact that their officers made totally stupid decisions -> They blindly took all legendaries in and replaced their reliable coremembers which made em quit(same reason let paragon fail their world firsts). So basicly their coremembers grew tired of their officers and left the guild.

P.S Xeno I heard TNK(The Northern Kingdom) is recruiting skilled members. Also is looking skilled newswriters(you dont need to check your facts there).

Nothing quite as funny as butthurt forum posting.

Ironi used to sleep over couple of raids during DS progress, forcing Draama officers cancel the raid

PS. Manni you should try to press that fel flame at ragnaros instead of just walking around doing nothing, don't let your long-term fans down in front of big crowd like Assembly :)

Myh left after madness was killed.

This much is true, I've sent a message to Xeno about it so hopefully we can fix this little factual error.

I don't really understand myself why our guildies considered these misinformation bits "offensing", since it didn't really apply to us THAT much. I do, though, understand why they want to correct it, just that the ways of getting their voice heard is very much wrong, since with personal attacks, nothing else will follow but trollwars and bans to the forum.
That said, I do think some of the facts could use some fact checking. Firstly, I'll say that noone probably cares whether Myh left before or after. But for the second point, I have to say something. The fight over 2nd best guild of Exploding Labrats and Draama has been very even in the past, during ulduar and toc EL won pretty unquestionably, but we had our troubles with roster on ICC, and draama won there easily. Also, Draama was better on T11 too, but on t12 and t13 we were VERY even on the progression, with us better on all other bosses but raggy on t12 (yeah others don't count as much, except we beat baleroc first which was pretty hard prenerfs), and t13 we won with slight marginal.
Also, about reason of Draama disbanding, I kind of have gotten the same image as my guildies on it, since we have some of the ex-Draama members in our guild currently, who have pretty much told their opinion about the situation that incurred there.
Other than that, this was my 2 cents about this. Hopefully it's a lot more proper than the previous guild members.

Please continue

I fixed the bit of information about Myh leaving the guild after DS progress. I'm very sorry about that, I misunderstood Morttu. About EL vs. Draama, I'm aware of the tight race for spot number 2, but in our eyes the first Lich King and Ragnaros kills tipped the scales for Draama. Others are free to disagree.

Thanks for clearing the situation up Shanden, I did a couple more edits to make the post reflect the situation a bit better.

Shiki you should think about applying too (you don't need to check your facts there either). 2 out of 3 facts wrong, damn son not bad at all.

Seems like DS was just a heroic dungeon

Ja sitten tytöt ja pojat herätystä!! tää on tietsikkapeli

No, this is EL's five-minutes-of-fame

Actually I dont think EL needs 5min of fame as it's most succesfull Finnish guild ever regarding to history, all the way from T1 molten core kills to current day madness of DW world rank 36 (paragon and draama has existed less then half of that) with scratch of raid time any of the higer ranks use. Not to mention how Paragons few ranks are arguable with legit like Anub (remember holy wrath & soulstones), Nefarian (20 druids LOLO?) and now last expansion you lost to chinese due to spiteful exploit of LFR system and recruiting every shitty Finnish player wielding legendary you could (what happened to ensidia when they pissed on cereals of their old players?)

Over and out, EL best Finnish guild ever. Seiska.FI reporters have spoken, this is all fact checked by our professionals and historists.

baragon on baras ja wowatsu

Oh and one more think to Xenophics as she's great reporter, nasty little details can bring spice to posts like this where you just adjust the truths so why didn't you mention the tiny fact that affected Draama's disbanding like Ironis possiblity to go into jail for tax scams? It sure must be shitty to run progressing guild behind bars or what do you think?

This is what it pretty much looks like when shit hits the fan =D

I find it funny you're blaming the interviewer for "bad facts" that are clearly laid out by the interviewee :> I'll add to my previous statement that bad writers trying to sound witty are rather amusing, too.

I want to be the very best like no one ever was dam damdam. <-- pokemon theme song.

Btw being second best really matters :-----------D
t:kickey mouse

Started cleaning up the comments that are pure trolling. There are better boards for that.


Where is lihaa?

Is Morttu feral dps or tank? I looked for him at the EU-armory, but found only a priest and a hunter by that name.

You're searching with the wrong name, Morttu is the one I use on IRC. Also, currently playing a cat.

Nice, I missed Paragon not having a main-spec cat. :)

Xodan has been playing a cat for all this time.


My bad, I didn't realize. Should have paid closer attention!

Though Xodan seems more of a bearcat than a real cat, like Llilja. :p