Roster for WoD (updated)

We currently have 22 players in our roster(updated 11.11.2014):

Players who played with us in MoP (10):
Sejta, Fragi, Verdisha, Jhazrun, Unpl, Deva, Iiris, Vivanda, Luny, Lappe

Players who played with us in Cataclysm progress raids (1):

Players who were supposed to be on the MoP 25man team, but never played in progress raids with us (3):
Ironi(Depraved), Riks(Depraved), Zelli

Completely new to the guild (8):
Alzu, Kaneli, Pasi, Neverknow, Vereesa (all 5 from Depraved #2 10man)
Luumu (eXample #49 25man)
Sinc (ScrubBusters #7 25man)
Lyn (Pure #57 25man)


Well done with the recruit!
Now pls, go get that #1 Mythic spot that you deserve!
And to all new recruits, welcome aboard.


Looking good, too bad more old players don't wan't or can't return. Would have been great to see Zhinn, Usso, Laziel, Xeno & Arx, Maeil and others back.

Anyway, welcome back, Ilonie, Kyy and Yliajo!

p.s. wan't Vereesa in Paragon at some point? I think I've seen him/her somewhere

Fuck yeah! I'm so happy for you that you were able to get some good recruits :) Best of luck in WoD, this race just got serious!

i'm sorry for disappointing you, but Ironi and Ilonie are two different people

So Baltha decided to return again =)

And Lappe

Glad to see baltha come back but absolutely ecstatic to see Kyy come back! Now if only Xeno and lappe would return as well.

Wishing you the very best and looking forward to an epic race with Method and other top guilds!
Very nice to see combacks. Now we need Lazeil & Xenophics!

Hi everyone, how is it going so far on the test realm? Are you satisfied with the new team? Hope so, I'd like a lot to see a real strong competition among Paragon, Blood Legion, Method and maybe a super outsider!

Congratulations on Highmaul World's First!