Remember kids, the race starts next week

It is this time of the year again when a new bag full of content gets thrown through the digital chimneys into our computers. And like every time this happens, there will be people who will post on the internet "Paragon, why do you have no first kills?" or "Paragon, I don't see you on wowprogress. Whats happening?". 

The answer is simple: This week, when patch 4.3 gets released, Paragon and all the other guilds who race for world firsts can only do normal modes. Since they know that they will clear the bosses until the next reset, there is no need to rush. They just finish it within the next seven days and then, only then, the race for hard modes will start. So all the fans and haters, kick back and relax one more time. Next week, after the reset, the show starts.

Disclaimer: I am no member of Paragon. What I write is my own opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the guild and its members.


Hi guys,i have a question. U stream urs raids?

Hi iLFache. I am no official member of Paragon but I know from talking to them that Paragon does not stream raids usually. Especially not during progression when it is all about the first kills and not letting other top guilds "spy" on you.

what he said^