Paragon's Drinking Game (guide)

This game was taught to us Paragon members by Verdisha, and in Finland it's also known to go by the name "Huikka". As we've played this game many times together, (also in China with Dream), we though we'd share it with the rest of you.



The idea and words of advice:

While playing, you will be drinking a beverage of your choice. Common choices are water, orange juice, or something else...

Sip: the size of a sip is yours to choose. If you feel like it, don't drink that much, if you feel extra thirsty, even a glass can be counted as a sip.

How many people are needed: The game is the most fun when there are more than 3 people playing. If you want to play with more than 10, it might be a good idea to get an extra deck and play with 2 decks.

Preparations: Get a normal deck of cards, remove the jokers, shuffle the deck and either arrange the cards to the table or just have them in one messy pile. Don't keep them piled neatly, as everyone should be able to pick a card of their choice and suffer the consequences.

In the game everyone is sitting together around the cards with their drinks ready. Cards are picked one by one from the table by players. When the game starts, the first player picks a card. The rules go like this:




If you pick an even number (2, 4, 6, 8 or 10) you have to drink the amount of sips as the card has. For instance, if you pick 6 you'll have to drink 6 sips.


If you pick an odd card (3, 5, 7, 9) you can assign the amount of sips the card has to other players (including yourself). For instance, if you pick 5 you can assign person x to drink all 5 sips, or have 2 people drinking 2 sips and drink 1 sip yourself, or drink all sips yourself or give them out one by one.


Jack is the bathroom card. During the game no one is allowed to go to the bathroom without a bathroom card. If you get one, you can trade or sell it to other players or use it yourself. One bathroom card can only be used once.


Queen is the story card. The player who picks it will start a story with a word. For instance "I". The next player to his left continues the story by adding a word and so says "I play", the one to the left of him adds a word and says "I play in", the next one goes "I play in Paragon" etc. The story goes on as long as someone makes a mistake, when he'll need to drink the penalty of 5 sips.


King is the category card. The player who picks it can think of a category from which people need to name a thing. A good category with people who play World of Warcraft would be for instance "Hunter talents". Then the player who picked the king starts with for instance "Chimera Shot", and the person to his left comes up with the next one. The one who makes the first mistake or can't remember anything new or says a talent that has already been said, drinks the penalty of 5 sips.

When thinking about a category you can always try to make it really hard to others. In one game some of my friends picked "pavement companies in Finland" as the category. I've fallen to that twice already, gotta familiarize myself with more pavement companies I think. Just keep in mind that you need to know the first thing that belongs to the category.


Ace is the rule card. When you get it, you'll be able to make a rule that everyone needs to follow the rest of the game. A basic rule would be "when drinking you have to keep your left hand on the table". A bit harder rule (to remember and execute) would be "every time before you drink, compliment the player to your right". The hardest rules are the ones that have something to do with what people must or can't do while playing overall. One of the hardest rules I've made was "you can't use negative words in the game", which meant that you can't say "can't, no, doesn't, won't; basically x not.

There are 4 aces in the game and the rules "stack", so in the end you'll end up playing with 4 different rules. The player who makes a mistake with the rule (for instance forgets to obey it or does it wrong) has to drink the penalty of 5 sips. During a drinking turn (when someone drinks because of the cards or because of the fine) he can only break one rule once. For instance if a person picks up 6 and forgets to hold his left hand on the table he'll need to drink 5 more as a penalty. If he after that accidentally says "I couldn't remember the rule" and so breaks another rule he has to drink 5 more sips as a penalty. However, if while drinking the penalty for using a negative word he again forgets to hold his left hand on the table, he doesn't need to drink the fine for the missing hand again. However, if someone else for instance says "you are so bad, you can't even remember a single rule" and so breaks the rule and has to drink, and you comment back "no I can't", you'll have to drink the fine again. If you again break other rules while drinking the penalty you'll need to drink the penalty for those as well, so be careful.


Basically the game goes on as people pick up cards in turns, and waits while people play the story, a category card, or drink. In the end, when there are a lot of rules the game (picking cards) usually slows down and it might take more than 10 minutes to get through one turn (1 card) and all the penalties that people get themselves during it.

So, how to make this even more interesting? We've noticed that jack isn't needed in most of the games as they don't last hours (and we allow players to visit bathroom between the games). We've started playing jack as number 11, which means that the player who picks it up can assign the sips to players. Also, if you have a set of awesome rules and you feel like playing another round of drinking game, you can keep the rules for the next round. Having 4+ rules usually slows the game a lot, but can make it even more fun.


I hope you've enjoyed this guide. As for feedback, I'd like you to tell me what would be the most awesome rules you can come up with. Please think it through properly, the most fun and hard rules aren't that easy to come up with. I need some inspiration for the future games. Also, if you know other great drinking games please share them with us.


Happy drinking games!
-xeno & Verdisha

Comments another company, just in case...

I felt incredibly stupid when I played Anaram's games :I

Clearly Anaram had practiced his game a lot beforehand. Cham is an unfair and merciless game.

hehe, almost identical game to one of the drinking game here in Slovenia.

we did change it a little. basically all is same apart 8 beign "bathroom ticket", if you pick up jack only boys drink, for queen only ladies drink and for kings you put them on seperate spot, and whoever pulls last king from deck he has to drink everythign he has left.

we normaly use "juice cans" and use sipt, but if you are the "lucky one" to pull 4th king you have to drink all "juice" you have left and open new one and continue playing

fun game with just one small flaw, normally there are no rematches :D

awesome, well read

An evil rule from tonight's game: don't say a word that starts with T.

I enjoyed this guide very much. I'm looking forward to test this one with some of our guildmates next weekend. Hopefully i'm going to be able to tell some kind of crazy story with half of a dozen For the Horde members lying on the floor (btw hi Nize :D).

What a game! This explains a lot....... Just kidding. :) So what happens if the sauna gets involved?

Haha, awesome! Have a fun weekend together and don't forget to report back all the best rules ^^ Also a story about carrying someone to the hotel is fine...

Tried this last night with a few mates, and was a great success. Our resident lady's man decreed that upon getting a 7, you had to convince a chick to come and join the game within 3 minutes, or take the penalty. This got rather interesting when the invited girl picked up a 7.

Lots of fun, and more drawn out than the infamous "Roxxanne" tequila game :D

Definitely the best category ever is: "brands of train tires"!

this is similar to a game in the UK called ring of fire, sept few cards are different and in my opinion alot better.

1-6 is allocating drinks to people
7 - rule card (make a rule like no pointing or no sayin yes or no etc)
8 - toilet card
9 - nine a rhyme (first person says a word then go around in a circle sayin another word that rhymes with it)
10 - random pose (person who has the card can do a random pose at any point during the game and the last to copy them as to sip there drink)
Jack - Question master (if this person asks u a question and you reply u have to sip ur drink, only one jack can be active at one time)
Queen - Drink to the queen (every1 stands up and drinks there drink)
King - Drink to the king (2 ways to play the rule, 1st the person pickin the king takes a shot or finishes there drink, 2nd empty the remains of there drink into a jug in the middle and whoever gets the 4th and final king has to drink the whole thing)
Ace - Ring of fire (every1 starts drinking there drink and cant stop till the person on the right finishes drinking)

Theres the UK version of the game :) enjoy

Knew a version of this game from some finnish exchange student for quite some time.

Most evil rules I remember are not mentioning your common hobby, in case of the people reading this, anything WoW related and greeting the American flag properly before pointing out that someone else broke a rule. The last rule was so evil because most of the involved people were non-Americans since it was an exchange student meeting. ;P

In Denmark we have a game pretty much same to that,
And the funniest rule I can come up with is:

You have to take the goblin off the glass before drinking of it.
And after then you have to put it back on

It's pretty hard to remember after been playing an hour or so + getting something to drink from the game :P

In Quebec its the Ring of fire too but some of the rules are not the same;

Ace- Ace to the face: Last one to clap their hands in his faces drink
2- 2 F*U- The person who got the card choose someone to drink
3- 3 F* Me- Person who got the card drink
4- 4 to the floor- Everyone have to touch the floor, last one drink
5- 5 seconds - You drink for 5 seconds
6- If you get this card you can choose randomly to put your thumb on the table, last one to puts his/her thumb drink
8- Folow your teamate: Everyone start to drink, if the person who got the 8 stop the next to his left can stop and continu till the last one but u cant stop drinking if your right friend continu
7- 7 to the heaven- Last one to put his arm in the air drink
9 - nine a rhyme (first person says a word then go around in a circle sayin another word that rhymes with it)
10- Bathroom pass
Jack - Make a rule
Queen - Girls drink
King - Guys drink

The first jack is always the rule Jinx: Whenever someone say your name (you can use something else) and you dont say Jinx you drink like: hey John Jinx *no drink*, Hey John.......still nothing that person drink (Look easy but alot of people actually get trapped :)

haha i'm gonna try this game out sometime :)

Necro'd but if you ever go to a University in England you will get well and truly sick of this game.