Recent DREAM Paragon roster changes

DREAM Paragon has been a very stable guild since its initial rise to the #1 spot in the world. Their member fluctation has never been very high but of course also in this guild members sometimes have to stop playing on such a level and new people make their way into the roster. Recently there have been some changes which might have gone unnoted because they happened partly after the world first race was over.

This blog aims to show the latest member changes within the guild. I will sort it by classes to make the overview easier (hopefully). The number is the current amount of listed players for a given class. 


Death Knight (4)

One new Death Knight joined the guild recently. His name is Yuzka and he is the brother of fellow Death Knight Synti and Warlock Jubeto. 

Druid (7)

The already well featured Druid class got two more additions to the members section, but both are not new to the guild. Anaram has been a long time member and was already back to playing during the Firelands progression but his name has just been added recently again. The second new old in the Druid section is Usso, also known as "He who taunts" from the infamous Lich King kill video. While he was previously a Hunter, he is now a Hunter pet. 

Hunter (4)

The Hunter roster saw Geru dropping down to casual rank while being strenghtened with two new members, Yliajo and Rinku, who both leveled from scratch to join the guild. 

Mage (3)

Former Paladin turned Mage Kolori also left the active raiding ranks but was replaced by another former Paladin, Iiris. Once a 3% DMG buff class, always a 3% DMG buff class.

Paladin (4)

No changes apart from the already mentioned change of Iiris to Mage. 

Priest (3)

The Priest changes are a little but more interesting. At one point a new Priest was listed on the website, his name being Fragi. He has now made a change to Rogue due to two Rogues dropping from the active roster. Besides him long time Priest Zin stopped playing alltogether. In return former Shaman Kyylol switched to Priest in order to give the roster more depth. 

Rogue (2)

The Rogue squad saw two long term familiar faces dropping out of the active raiding roster, maeil and Nakkimon. As already mentioned, Fragi went from Priest to Rogue so that Rakez doesn't have to collect all the knives on his own.

Shaman (1) 

All alone is hiski aka Kahva, who is now the sole and lonely Shaman on the active roster of Paragon. Poor him, but he sticks to his class like a bubblegum to a shoesole. 

Warlock (3)

Nothing new for the guys with Demon friends. Diivil, Hermanni and Jubeto are still there, alive and kickin. 

Warrior (2)

What goes for the one class with W also goes for the other, Verdisha and Wakoz are continuing to be the two main Warriors on the Paragon raid squad.


That was it for the moment. I think all current joins, drops and switches were covered. If not I am sure someone from Paragon will correct me. 


Zhinn =(

you didn't mention Smasher in the warrior section.. is he not playing anymore?

Smasher is a member of German guild For The Horde, not Paragon.

lol, dunno what I was thinking, sorry.

So Krimsy's an alt? Always thought he was a maincharacter :P

Yeah he is an alt, was also confirmed by Kruf on the OutDPS podcast episode 92. I don't know whose alt it is though.

Thats a lot of changes. Lets hope it wont make guild performance falling down before next world 1st race.

Our performance should be going up with these changes.

"Mon, 08/01/2011 - 19:29 — Diivil
Anaram and Fragi are both mains though Fragi will change his main in a few weeks.

Krimsy is Smirks alt."

I'll miss Maeil <3

I think this is where paragon stop's getting world firsts. to world 5th and shit. idk we will see, wont we? lol

Nah I don't think so. It is better to get new and fresh player than trying to carry on with people who have less time and might also be burned out to a certain degree. Also, there are only 4 new members, (1 DK, 2 Hunters and 1 Rogue). The rest are either people that came back or members that rolled to a new class. So overall the fluctuation is very small. Guilds like Ensidia, Method of FtH had a lot more changes in the past I'd say. Paragons core roster has been together for a long time now.

Yes, they might not get the final World First at one point, but if that happens it ain't because of some member changes I think.


Sad to see Maeil go. Allways looked up to that awesome rogue

Maeil, nooo! :<