Why do you have a picture of yourself in Orgrimmar?

(A word of warning, this a very personal blog and doesn't contain anything very important, just some rambling and enthusiasm from me.)

I received Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's rest on Monday 5.9.2011. It had been a long grind that included killing Ragnaros for the first time a couple of months ago, clearing Firelands each week, losing in the odds to Diivil and not getting the first legendaty, and of course, farming even more (also in our alt raid). After it was all finally over, and I was able to finish the questline and get my staff I idled in Orgrimmar chatting with some people who had seen the event. One mage whispered me, and asked "why I keep a picture of myself in Orgrimmar, isn't it very arrogant?". I was kind of startled by this question, and all I managed to reply was that "it won't be there longer than 1-2 hours, I hope". So, to all the people playing on Lightning's Blade, sorry for having my picture there, I didn't wanna bother you! I was also criticized about idling on my new mount while chatting, I guess people shouldn't show their good mood and success to others. Thinking like this is a very Finnish thing, since in our country people often seem to think it's better to be quiet about one's good things and even belittle them. Of course, being cocky is another thing but not being able to be happy is another.


Ready to get my copy of the legendary staff


Luckily when I logged in 2 days later, the huge image wasn't there anymore. After that I've been running around happy with my new mount. I've also been trying to get back to farming some part of achievements (100 Tol Barad victories, I hate you), pets and mounts. I even did the Molten Front dailies a couple of times after almost 1 month pause. Me starting again to grind some stuff in-game pretty much means that everything starts going back to normal. After June, when the night PTR testings started I've felt like there has been way too much stuff going on in-game, but also out of the game. Trying to match my summer work with Firelands PTR and progress wasn't as hard as it might have been, but still took a lot of energy. Progress was also a lot harder time for me than it has been in the past. The struggle for world firsts left me feeling very nervous and stressed. Immediately after we had gotten the kill, I hard to work hard with the kill video, our website and everything I had pushed away while playing balls to the walls. Several smaller projects required my attention, and sometimes it felt like my head would explode when I tried to sort everything out. But I love working with the community and talking to other wow enthusiasts (I know I've used that expression too much, but I'm too afraid to use the word "geek" and some might understand my compliment wrong).


This was too much for many people, I don't blame them though


After all the Ragnaros hazzle came of course Assembly, our summer cottage trip and the trip to Germany. I never finished the last (Berlin) part of my and arx's Gamescom/Manaflask stream trip blog, but I can reveal that we had a lot of fun in Berlin with the Manaflask staff members. The guys and girls are truly awesome and I was taken aback about how passionate they are about gaming, World of Warcraft and the community they have at their website. They strive to do their everything to provide quality content for their readers, provide the best to the guilds they sponsor, and take the whole community forward. That's the kind of stuff we need in World of Warcraft I think, and that's what I've been trying to do in addition to playing in Paragon.

Now that my school has started and I find myself again doing achievements and other stuff, I know things are back to normal and I feel relaxed enough to start again working with Paragon site. We have some nice ideas about articles and other stuff, and we'll try to keep the front page a bit more active. One of the things I'm gonna talk about is the importance or cooperation in e-sports and in wow community. I believe that we can be a bit more together, and make playing wow more interesting and fun experience to all of us.

I'd also like to hear from you, about what you'd like to have on our site. As said earlier, we are not going to become a community site, but of course there is room for a bit different articles and angles to this game than just our guild. So my question to you is, what would you like to know about us, Paragon, and what would you like to read about when you come to this site. Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer this, it helps us a lot to know your thoughts.

 While waiting for answers, I'll keep in queuing for Tol Barads and reading some wow lore. I'll write more about that as well later!


Hmm, personally from the Paragon site I'd to know a little more about each player, perhaps if members who wanted to could fill out their profiles with a bit of info about themselves (if they wish) or what class they play or something. Other than that I come to this site to see major updates within the guild such as boss kills or major roster changes, so for me it's fine on that side already :)

First off, gratz on the staff (+mount), i hope you enjoy it! I don't raid much myself, just don't have the time for it, but i always have deep respect for the people that both have the skill and perseverance to do the stuff that you and your fellow Paragon raiders do. So big kudos to you all!

What i always wondered about is what you guys do when a new expansion comes out. "Normal" people like me have to grind through 5-mans (normal and HC) before we can even think of raiding. Do you even bother with those, or do you jump to new raids immediately after leveling to the new level cap?

In the beginning of Cataclysm we knew roughly how long leveling to 85 would take (around 8 to 14 hours). The expansion was updated at 01:00 Finnish time, and we agreed that our raid would start 23 hours later (if I remember correctly). So that left people time to level to 85, sleep a little, gear up in dungeons and then we went straight for the normal modes and managed to get 7 or 8 down before the instance reset at 9am.

And yeah, as you might remember it, the beginning of Cataclysm was a bit special since Europeans were able to get 1 extra reset of loot if they were fast to level up, like we were.

The hunt for Lappe is on!

One thing that I always like to hear about from other guilds is what they found most challenging in terms of encounters. For instance, after your first Ragnaros kill, there were a lot of questions about which aspects of the fight were most challenging, and it turned out that it was the DPS check in P3 and racing against the Dreadflame spread in P4.

We now know how you ended up handling those, but I think it's interesting to hear the strategies you tried that didn't work. For example, vodka mentioned that at one point their P4 strategy had them running around in massive circles to avoid meteors, periodically crossing Breadths to drop Superheated. It didn't work, and they changed their strat pretty quickly, but it's fascinating to hear about all the different ideas that get thrown around.