Ragnaros 25HC video


Full quality torrent here. Enjoy!


We will also release a detailed tactics guide to Ragnaros later today, so stay tuned for that. Update: The tactics will be out tomorrow, sorry for the delay.


Bad quality on YouTube

there is a problem for youtube version. torrent upload works perfectly. nice quality povs harmony amazing but no healer pov :(

Why does it look so glitched?

Really impressed by some Tactics used in this kill, really awesome.

On a site Note, i just noticed the Mount dropped on your 25hc kill, is it a 100% Drop on heroic eg. did it drop on your 10hc kill as well?

i just noticed the Mount dropped

This is what you care about watching a world first video?

I think this on youtube is just temporally, tomorrow will be better.

Well I'm picking this up @Lodes, since it's just not true.

The first part of my Comment was just dedicated to their awesome tactics, after watching the video for the don't know ... 4th Time i just randomly noticed the Mount in the Loot and was curious if it is a guaranteed drop or not. I just thought it isn't false to ask.

(and yes, the Mount is guaranteed on heroic if the armory is right)

Enough of justification: Great video, great performance, great tactics. My hat off to the best.

Damn, that's one epic fight. Well done, gameplay looked so smooth, made it look almost easy. It wasn't untill end of p4 where it became even the slightest chaotic.

Thanks for the video guys/girls.

Now thats an epic kill! Awesome tactics and very well done :D

Celestial Aeon Project tunes that are used in the video can be found here: http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/95667


Amazing fight, incredible team play and unparalleled self-control!
The end really isn't as epic as Arthas' demise unfortunately.

But it is so graphically intensive and many mechanisms are so latency dependent (engulfing flames and so forth) that I fear guilds with ageing computers or not perfect server connections will have a very very hard time downing Ragnaros HM.

Will you release the video of 10 man heroic?

Seems like that mount has a low chance to drop on Normal difficulty since i saw few guild to already have it and probably guaranteed drop on Heroic. Amazing kill im very very impressed, keep it up!

People seem to want your video desperately :D


awesome!!! ty for the video!

i can't believe you 3 healed it...such incredible coordination by everyone to minimize damage taken. WOOOT!

Would you guys upload the 10man Heroic kill?

Loved the video and kill (this must be the dozenth time I've watched it).

one question though: did you guys transfer to Alliance?

I noticed (it could have been Kruf or Deva) was a night elf. did you do it for the racials for that fight or was it something else?

Gz with the kill Paragon:)

Nice Movie. Enjoy your vids in general! But plz make another one with different music in p1-p3.
I mean the music in p4 is awsome. I ve heard similiar thoughts aswell.

Use different music in the earlier phases and your movie will be watched tons more repeatedly

My thoughts:)

We re-uploaded the video to YouTube, hopefully the tearing is gone now. Enjoy!

The tearing is gone, but now there's a very large lag in the video (especially when changing PoV), and the sound randomly gives out, even when the video is running smoothly.

Weird, I didn't notice anything like that. Perhaps it was just on your end?

I thought perhaps that was the case, as well. I brought up the problem with the original on the MMO-Champion board though and it turned out some others were having an issue, so I thought maybe I'd mention it here, just incase others were seeing the same thing. I ran the video again, and it seems to occur mostly during, or switching to, Manni's point of view.

You said you will release your BigWigs right? :))

Is there any way you all would be able to post the exact cut of Celestial Aeon Project's Album that you used to kill Ragnaros? I know that CAP has the album available on their website, but I really like how the music blended together in the video and would definitely enjoy that mix to listen to during boss attempts!

Very nice mates.

GZ for World First and giev more movies xP

After also watching the videos released by Envy and Method your Kill is even more impressive one must say.

And please don't comment on how Paragon got the better roster and such ... that's the impressive part, really.


Now get the 10 man HC video up!
When it's done ofc ^_^