Paragon at Assembly Summer 4.-7.8.2011

We are happy to announce that Paragon has been invited by Asus to participate Assembly Summer held in Helsinki, Finland 4.-7.8.2011. A lot of our members will be attending the event and bringing their computers to play at Gamelab.


We will also have a Firelands live raid raid on Saturday at 15:00-20:00 local time, with Total Biscuit commentating the raid with Verdisha. For those who can't make it to the event, there will be a live stream and vod's from the raid. For those who can be in Helsinki this weekend, don't miss the live raid! You'll be able to see us playing the latest content there is available in the game, and of course see Ragnaros' legs live.


The members bringing their computers to the event are: xenophics, Fragi, Wakoz, Usso, Hermanni, Diivil, Lazei, Rakez, Kolori, Tuutti, Nakkimon, arx, Kruf, Ilonie, Jubeto, Geru, Lappe, Kahva, Yliajo, Yuzka and Verdisha


Very nice, can't wait.

Any chance that u can watch the stream later on in case u cant even make it to the live stream? I recall that u could do that with your last live raid (the BoT+ToTFW one)

As said, there will be vods (video on demand) so you'll be able to see the raid later.

Would love to fly over to meet up but this job thing kinda came up and I guess making some money ain't so bad ;)