Starting raiding year 2012

Deathwing was killed by us a little over a month ago, and the dust after the race has settled down. The whole guild has been keeping a low profile after the progress, and with everything that had been going on around t13 race, some people are getting worried about what's going on in Paragon.

Farm time is a time of peace and quiet for most high end guilds. Especially now that the next race will be in a new expansion, there is even less pressure with farming: everybody gets the gear they need for leveling, there is no need to gear up alts, and the next tier will be done in completely new epics. Tier 13 progress ended up being a tough spot for us, and it really drained many of our players. Our focus now is to keep the farm up but do it with as little effort as possible. Our players need their free time to be able to get excited about new content again.

A couple of our members have quit, some of them for good. We have recruited new players to fill the ranks, and now welcome dps warrior Paradar, shadow priest Tombolo, and mage Daewyn to the guild. Keep in mind that the recruitment is always open for Finnish speaking skilled players!

This website will be getting back on schedule with more frequent updating again. Check back to read about topics such as Mists of Pandaria, what's going on in the guild right now, what really happened in t13, interviews with new members, what are we playing during the long wait, and more.


"mage" Daewyn...hmmm....

The name of my mage is Deawyn, which is considered my new main currently, but I'm still more familiar with the name Daewyn, which has been the name of my main char for 5 years :)

Who has left us? D:

Give fans atleast a video of every kill. It doesent have to be a first kill. I would like to see a geared "ownage" kill more then your first kill :)

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