The Raid Observer: A New Podcast and Help Needed With a Research Project (not mine!)

So I've had to restart this post 3 times now. This is apparently the cure for my typical walls of text... I have this unbearable need to keep this brief (before I throw my laptop out of the window).



Want to help with a research project?

I'm happy to promote this research project by Daniel Meijer, a master's student at the University of Groningen in The Netherlands. He's got an interesting quantitative study going on about raid teams! You can complete the questionnaire via this link:


If you want to get more information about his project and him, please go check out my blog post where I've got oodles more to share:


Go on, complete it! What other valuable contribution to the world were you going to make today?



A new podcast!


And yes, oops I've done it again... another podcast. This time your friendly neighbourhood Raid Observer gets in depth and personal with just one guild (trust me, trying to herd 7 guilds through one interview was hard enough--talk about raid leading on a new level!), the US guild Blood Legion. We get into lots of things like the documentary, the Tier 13 race, waking up with ham, and the outlook for an underwater raid instance.


This is just the start of my new series of podcasts and if you're interested in being interviewed (and I'm not just interested in elite 25-man guilds, by the way!), do get in touch! I think it's interesting to talk to folks at all levels of the raid-sphere.




I had more about a marathon, some poodles, and the trouble with finding good strawberries out of season, but I just can't bear the pain of trying to rewrite the whole thing again. Maybe some other day... sigh.


Nice show its was cool hearing from those guys that I saw on the raiding doc. So does the main guy in the movie with the beard not play anymore.

Though I feel calling this a podcast is a bit of false advertising. A podcast is generally a mp3 that is syndicated using rss feed and generally available on iTunes . A far as I can tell this is just a YouTube video with only audio.

Anyway keep up the good work

@qaz: You are absolutely right, this isn't quite a podcast yet. I'm currently figuring out (I'm a complete noob about this stuff, I'm happy to admit) the best way to make sure there is an mp3 version of this available as well as the youtube channel. If you have any ideas, get in touch. :)