Livestream tonight--including Devai!

I wanted to let you all know about a livestream tonight (Saturday!)--all about livestreaming and making videos in raiding. I've asked three raiders who like to stream--Devai from DREAM Paragon, Smasher from Manaflask/For the Horde, and Affinitii from Blood Legion--to join me and talk about the current craze for livestreaming and why we all seem to love doing it and watching it. Details are:


When: Saturday, April 14, 7 pm CET (central European time), 1 pm US-ET (US east coast time), probably for about an hour, maybe more, depending on how things go!

Where: Hosted by Affinitii's livestream, (though the other guys will be most likely streaming as well--yes, it's a livestream about livestreaming streamed by other streams at the same time--say that ten times fast).

Who: Ladan (the livestream noob), Devai, Smasher, Affinitii


Here's some more information on Manaflask:

I hope you can tune in!


Highlight of the stream was devai taking the shirt off, definetly :)

Bring in the big guns.


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