Paragon Expands into Dota 2



Paragon is expanding!

This has long been in the works, and in the celebration of ParaCon 2012, we are proud to present our new Dota 2 team, nicknamed Finnstack. This top-tier team consists of Jab3, Trixi, Rexi, Fragi, and Duqi, whom you will be able to see representing Paragon in all the large future Dota 2 tournaments and to personally meet all of them at ParaCon 2012 later this year.

We asked the new team to give a few comments about how they're feeling about joining us:


"Jabe is here." -Jab3, Team Captain

"Ihan vitun jees." -Rexi

"We are so happy to finally be a part of a fully Finnish organization." -Trixi

We are more than happy to have the guys under the Paragon tag - welcome aboard!


Member profiles



  • Age: 22
  • Blood type: A+
  • Eye color: Bright blue
  • Zodiac: Taurus


Legendary HoN player from FnaticMSI. The carrying force of Finnstack. Took an arrow in the knee in the Dreamhack finals, and decided to join us after rehabilitation.



  • Age: 27
  • Blood type: B-
  • Eye color: Bright blue
  • Zodiac: Leo


The one and only; Team Captain and the tactical mastermind of Finnstack. Better known as Liha of Paragon for the WoW players, but fast creating a legend of himself in Dota 2.



  • Age: 22
  • Blood type: AB+
  • Eye color: Bright blue
  • Zodiac: Cancer ladder #1 for eternity, played HoN with some moderate success in FnaticMSI. Has previously played some competitive Dota 2 in mousesports, but felt the calling of Paragon, as we all have.



  • Age: 21
  • Blood type: AB+
  • Eye color: Bright blue
  • Zodiac: Cancer


Also an ex-FnaticMSI HoN player, has previously played second support for mousesports in Dota 2. Almost as good as JabeofHeaven.



  • Age: 22
  • Blood type: O+
  • Eye color: Bright blue
  • Zodiac: Aquarius


The current MT of Paragon. Most notably has been on a lowcarb diet recently, losing 30kg. Says WoW > Dota 2, but you have to have five people in a team.



finnstack has been bootcamping for past 6 days and are top notch shape.

some footage from our practise sessions can be found at starting at 30minutes mark. Jabe has simply been on fire

There was a guy... in a towel... only.

Holy shit this is cool! I always wondered why paragon didnt go for other games than wow, and turn into real multigaming orga!