The Raid Observer: Week 3, Tuesday Update (with a wall of sound)

So I've opted to record my update for today. Read on for the podcast link!



I injured my right hand yesterday so in my bid try and rest it, I decided to record a wall of sound for you. It's only 6 minutes long, though, so not so bad! Right? Anyway, I cover a few things like the world first kill of Madness (congrats Kin Raiders!), some general impressions of how the race is going, and a few comments on whether Tier 13 is truly the unluckiest tier race (for some, at least) ever.



RaidObserverUpdateDec20 by ladanc


I don't mind your normal wall of text - but this allow me to play while I listen and that is a bonus in some way.

Hope your hand gets better soon.

I'd love if you would do more of these audio updates, you sound very coherent and it's more fun to just listen while doing something else (like playing WoW) than having to stare at a wall of text.
I wish you a quick recovery though :)