This week's plans

As a consequence of what happened with LFR, the accounts that looted bosses from multiple runs have been suspended until the next reset. As a direct result, we'll be joining the 25-man race a week later.

We will not attempt to gather a 25-man raid for the week. The several accounts that did not partake in anything illicit are clear, so for this week we are forming a 10-man group with help from ex-members and friends. We will go back to doing 25-man as soon as we can, i.e. at the start of the next reset.

Our stance has always been that 10-man and 25-man guilds should compete in different brackets. We are a 25-man guild, and in light of what happened, for us the race starts next week. We wanted to clarify that all the encounters we might possibly get down before that will be done in a 10-man setting and with a non-standard raid composition.


Good luck to you and your friends - hope you make the best of it before the 25man kick in.

Good luck with the 10 man. Glad to see you got enough chars together.

if the 10-man raid is too easy. Will you get a 10-man world first down?

Good luck in 10-man raid.

Good luck with 10 mans!

10 man is harder anyway ;)

I wish you guys and gals all the best. I hope you are able to still get the World First 25m, but with the rate these bosses are dying (lol?), one can only hope big Deathwing will still be alive when you all get back.

Oh, wait, those guilds probably can't kill him without watching your video first. Anyway, I hope you still get the WF and give Blizz a slap in the face, from me. Best of luck.

Please come out on top...we're all rooting for you.

Are you going to make a comparison between the two raid sizes again? Considering the fact that you now do the encounters the opposite way.

good luck guys STAY TUNED

I just wanted to commend you guys for your attitude towards this. You made a mistake and now take the punishment as men. Make the best out of this week and come back strong next reset. I'll be now cheering for you.

In case you're bored (no pun intended), listen to this: Always funny to hear grown men make fools out of themselves.

Go Paragon Go!!! u can be for one more time world 1st u are the best!!!!! best wishes!!! I know its hard with the ban but 10man is a choice till your have your accounts back.. 1 is sure DW will be not down till next week.. give everything u have and beat them all!!!!!!!!!!!!

4/8hc good work guys!! keep it up!!

Good Luck. You are the best.

Good luck.

LMFAO They ban half of you, and you still find a way to hop into the top 4! You guys rock. Good luck kicking the game (and Blizzard's) asses.

Invent a longer ban and the banned will invent a way back to the top :)

5/8 HC, speechless! ^^

5/8, U guys r soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!

u are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don´t you despise all your competitors?! You are so strong and dominant, even when half of your raid ist banned?! ^^ I wish you good luck, and keep thinkiing about learning finnish, and turn back just a few years!

hahah wow, you guys really are a bunch of pro's, 5/8 HM...already... with ex-members and friends, the raid cant even handle you right now! :P

Sitting at World#1 according to GuildOx:

I was so surprised to see you guys at the top of the Wowprogress ranking after checking that site after our raid last night. Good going, I wish I had friends like that :D Much respect. And uhm, any resto shaman in that 10 man team by any chance? :P Good luck getting Madness hc before the competition, even if it's on 10 it will be all the more impressive considering the LFR situation, of which imo the consequences are just and you are accepting them with grace.