Grand Empress Shek'zeer down, Heart of Fear 6/6


Gratz =D


gratz guys :) i know that world 2nd does not taste the same like WF but still, huge congratulations :)

Big congratz. Expected, but still amazing.

In response to #3. How is this World 2nd? Blood Legion is US, therefore they have a headstart of 24 hours, so as long as a EU guild kills within 24 hours of a US kill, they are in fact first. Therefore Paragon was actually first :)

Well if you take the timezone difference between PST and finland time it is only 10 hours. The kills were 13 hours apart.


Paragon killed Amber Shaper Un'sok about two hours after Blood Legion did, and then Blood Legion beat them to the final boss kill by... 14 hours, I think? They had about the same amount of time to work on the boss.

Just to be clear, this doesn't make Paragon's achievement any less impressive, but the whole one-day headstart thing doesn't really come into play when the gap was already closed.

What gap? BL did it in 25, Paragon in 10. I though this topic was already beaten to death, apparently not >_>

grats, cant wait for some videos :D


gratz !!

The best part is, I've been following Paragon from their reign as a 25M raiding guild to their progression into a 10M, and the fact they are still beating THE best 25M guilds in the world to world firsts makes me giggle :P
Will always be behind Paragon, they are and always were the best, 25 and 10. When a guild can deliver world firsts in both, you know they're pro. GG Para, Rank 1 again on WoWProgress ;D

Not making any videos?

WTB HoF Heroic videos :)

Are there going to be videos?