Will of the Emperor 10hc video


6/6 cya :p, amazing vid

I really hate those fanboyposts, but this definitely deserves it. Rushing through 6/6 HC and then twohealing Will of the Emperor is completely amazing. I was really stunned. Thanks for the great entertainment.

Best music compilation since LK 25hc.

Great video and great music although I hope that you will film a whole encounter again.
Still looks like a ballet to me, just like your videos of Omnotron Defense System and Ragnaros HM.

Is it safe to assume that while by no mean trivial, this tier and its last boss were quite easier than LK 25HM and Ragnaros HM?

This tier isn't over yet. :)

Please make Smirk record his pov next time, I've given up hope on Jhazrun ^_^

One of the best videos you've made keep it up!