Gara'jal 10hc video


down just before berserk ! great job guys

I had to watch video twice, because i got so hypnotized by dmg numbers popping up that i did not pay attention to the rest of stuff.. :P

Anyway, gratz guys on Rank 1 again, i guess thats the reward after all crap that happened around DS and in beta :)

wondering why do jihazrun the last player getting Heroic items, do you hate him sejta?? gz and keep it up. still the best of the best Dream Paragon

Healers usually get gear last in hardcore progression guilds, they are less gear dependent that other roles.

I don't understand why you got lazeili instead of devai... the best hunter in the world

to be fair Deva did say he had work to do, i honestly doubt he thought it would get cleared within 2 days of release like everyone else. Best hunter in the world indeed, but let's be reasonable, it's not like he didnt get the chance.

I guess because they got Fraggoji instead of Lazeil... so in order to restore the balance, justice and global happyness... they cruelly punched Deva out.

They offered deva a spot, but since he has work and other irl shit to do, he couldn't accept it. They didn't kick him out, rofl stop making false statements when you have no clue what happend

If I start stating that the Earth is flat you will become mad and seriously try to prove me opposite? I've just pointed that it was a fun replacement - Fraggoros leaves his warrior and picks his paladin while Lazeil leaves his paladin and picks his (new) hunter. Relax, I'm aware of what has happened.

Pretty sure Fraggy is playing Laziel's hunter and Lazeil is playing fraggys paladin for some people that were wondering

What is the purpose for doing that?