Mists of Pandaria progress QA: Ask Away

It's time for another round of "ask away"'s. The format is the same old: post your question and we'll have our raiders (and maybe some non-raider-old-faces as well) answering your them.

Wondering what our raiders ate during the progress, who got the least items, who slept the most, what will our plans will be for the future, what was the most fun boss in our opinion, and which class we consider under performing? Now is the perfect time to ask, so shoot away!

To leave your question for answering, simply submit a comment to this news post.


Q: Your 25m progress has a decent progress aswell, not top but still full normal clear, is it the main 10m group with other people or just other memebers of the guild raiding 25m?

Q to Smirk: I saw that you use Divine Purpose, do you use that on just certain fights and then swap to Holy Avenger or you think that's better than the other two talents in that tier?

Q to Jhazrun : Can you please fraps the next tier? Want to see some awsome Priest pov and ofc the most orgasmic UI ever known to man :D

Q to Sejta: Have tips for a guardian to avoid Devastating Combo on MSV ? And have another tips,sites or guides to indicate for a new guardian player? Ty soo much

Q: What do you guys eat during and in between progression (World First) raids?

Q: Howcome you guys Don't use a Dps or Healing Monk.
Q; What is the main difference between World First 10vs25?

Q: How whas the 10 man roster picked? The 10 first interested form the old roster? Or were the 10 who made the group hand picked by Sejta?

Q: Who uses the hunter Lazeili during this tier raid progress?

Q to Oixte: never seen you in the rooster before, are you new or is the warrior just an old alt?

Do you still recruit people and have a belief to return to 25m raiding scene? If so, has anyone applied to your guild after you announced switching to 10m and present time?

Q for all: How do you develop your strategies? From the first pull on a new boss, until the kill?
Do you have one mastermind or is it a process, developed by everybody?

Q for all: How do you schedule your day? How long do you actually raid in 24h?

Q for all: Raid food (irl)?

Q for all: Most outrageous / hilarious moment during this progress.

Q for all: How's the general raid atmosphere? Tense, relaxed, a lot/ no vent chit-chat? Bashing of players or their skill/ failures?

Q for Baltha: WTB POV !?

To Verdisha : Who is the best between gems intelect and gems mastery for demo affliction ? And why ?
Thanks so much !

Q: now that Xeno is back, will she be a part of the main progression team the next tier? didnt see her in this tier at all

Q: What do you think of this tiers content compared to T11, 12 and 13?

Q: Coming from raiding 25 mans did you go into 10 mans thinking that it would be easier or did you still go into the raids with the same mindset of "this is still heroic content"?

Q: Do you have a full/half time work to live? I'm very curious how can you stay raiding for 5-10 days for every content patch, this is a lot of vacation days to use!

P.D.: if you use your -> right arrow while you are writting a message here, you left the page and lost the message :(

How did this tier compare to the previous tiers? How did Sha of Fear compare to other final bosses?

What boss was the hardest ? how hard was he compared to previous tier (an exemple of t10/t11/t12 boss equaly hard will do the answer) ? Thank you =D.

Hi Paragon,

my Question is this one: Why do you think there are normaly only 1-2 Phases on the Encounters, and to be honest... every really heroic Encounter has more (Ragnaros, LK etc.).

Q to Fragi: Why Haste for a prot pally ?
Q to Sejta: Why Crit for guardian druid ?

Q: @Fraggi, @Sejta - What was your opinion on the role of the tank in a 10 man setting, outside of control? How did it compare with 25 man tanking? I understand that hit/exp/haste/crit are the optimal stats for your classes, but did you feel more inclined to max. DPS as far as play-style goes?

Thanks guys, and congratulations.

Hey guys, and congrats to your great accomplishments in the first tier!

Q1: What is your overall opinion of the first tier of MoP? How hard/fun/time-demanding was it compared to earlier tiers?

Q2: Do you guys miss the 25man raiding or do you feel satisfied with doing it 10man? If so, what do you miss the most about 25man raiding?

Q3: What are your plans right now? Are you going to continue with this 10man lineup or are you changing anything? (I know it might be really hard to answer something like that 3 days after progress is finished).

Q for Baltha: How come you changed back to your mage mid-progress? Was it because a "lack of skill" at the priest or just because you love your mage too much? :)

Are you going to make logs public since progression is over?

Q: Most members of the serious raiding community seem to feel that 25 man will always be superior to 10 man as far as difficulty goes. Given the knowledge you have of this tier, would you agree with that statement? Why or why not? Please elaborate! Thanks, guys!

Q1: What kind of jobs do you guys have? What are your RL's like?

Q to Llilja:Do you choose DOC for feral dps in raid?Do you use more trash(cat)or ferocious bite?
Q to Sejta:I notice you prefer crit for more rage.If you are raiding 25HC,do you think crit is still powerful,or more stamina/mastery/dodge will be fine?

Another question:Patch 5.1 released recently,but tier 15 will be in 5.2.As 10/25 cd is separated in Asia,will you get more people for 25HC?

- Has a full clear of tier 14 required less overall raiding time than tier 11?
- Are you a fan of gating and staggered content, or do you prefer more of a tier 11-style free-for-all?
- Any comments on this tier in terms of whether ranged or melee are better, either overall or on any particular fights?
- Any fights where class stacking helps (or would help if you couldn't do it)?
- Any fights where alts have stepped in to help get a kill?
- Have you found 10 man in Mists easier or harder than 25 man was in Cata, either overall or on any particular fights?
- Any plans to go back to 25 man?
- Any comments from Awynia on Rogues in this tier and where they are in terms of utility and damage?

Q: verdisha, what "none" tier 14 piece do you not use for ur 4-set bonus?

Q: Which encounter apart from sha of fear would you rate as the hardest one?
Q: What is your opinion on the general expantion from a raiding point of view?

Gz with the world first, allways belived you are the best, no matter 10 or 25man

Q for Fraggojij:
With the current itemization for protection paladins, what non-tier item do you consider the best (stat wise for a expertise, hit & haste-minded protection paladin) ?
Also, are you a new face or who was your former main?

I was wondering why don't you guys use any Death Knights in your 10 man progression.Is it because you simply lack them or is there some other reason?

Q for Lappé:
What's your thoughts on Balance druids viability in T14 compared to say a Fire mage that brings both amazing Single target and aoe dps? Is it the utility Balance brings, the high dps on spread targets, or is it only for the 5% haste buff that only hybrid casters and hunters bring?

It seems like most guilds are considering the tier done. Is there no interest in completing heroic elite mode of protectors ?

Off topic from other questions: What character did you first start playing in World of Warcraft? Why?

How do you feel the healer balance for this tier was? (Druid, Shaman, Priest)
With Priests being able to do insane amounts of dps and still be a competetive healer aswell as ignoring boss mechanics with Spirit Shell and BoP's.

Druid, Paladin, Priest* can't edit it.

Q: At this moment the only shaman in your raid is Ets casually jumping on his alt. Are shammans that much weaker than other classes in hardcore raiding in this tier?

Q: How would you rate this tier in compare to tiers from previous expansion? Do you feel Blizzard did better job in providing challanging and tuned bosses in compare to Cataclysm?

Q: Instance cleared within 1 week from release or 3-4 weeks of progression, what do you preffer?

Q: What do you think about the difficulty of 10man raids? Of course, you can't compare T14 25 and 10 but did it feel significantly different to old tiers?

3 more days before the QA closes, and you'll be able to read the answers.

Hello, My question is how you deduce a players talent. Well lets say you will have to recruit for the next tier what will your logic be? I assume your raiding team consists of very highly talented persons (i.e all 10 of them equally high), so you have all understanded,i assume, that higher(than someone else) dps doesnt actually mean higher SMART/CORRECT dps and generally higher numbers doesnt nessecary mean higher correct/smart numbers. My point is that you make a difference because you are open minded enough and you are able to think outside of the box. So how the fuck can you deduce another persons skill if all the information you can get while trialling him(i.e not progress raids) cannot give a 100% correct answer for that. I mean healers think of yourself's and why you are great. Those details that define your performance as awesome and the way in which you contribute the most for the kill in a progress enviroment. How can someone else acknowledge those details?? High healing done is not the thing that makes you great same for dps. I mean ye sure the numbers do not lie and high dps is high dps but well i wont say more for that, i am sure you can analyze dps correctly and understand what damage per second means. Said some irrelevant stuff to get a more suitable for me answer. Hope you understood my question. Thanks

Q: Are you planning to upload logs to WoL?

Q: 1. Which Tanking Class is at the moment the best for 10man Raid ?
2. I heard that the Paladin and blood DK is the best Tanking Class. Is this true?
3. What is with Bear-Druid? I play this class and everybody say it is the worsest Class.
Can you give me a rough overview that is the best CD's for the Bear-Druid? I don't know when i have to use "Savage Defense" or Frenzied Regeneration".
3. What is in your eyes the easiest Tank Class ?
thanks a lot

Q: Which is in your eyes the 5 Top Burst DPS Classes in MoP?

Q: How did the guild react when you decided to change to 10man?
Q: Was it hard to chose from your 25 man roster?

Q: Will any of your full-time healers record their PoV in future tiers?

Q: Best and worst DPS class in your opinion?

The question time is over now, thanks to everyone for submitting. We'll now finalize the answers for the last questions, so stay tuned.