Paragon Q&A - Ask away

It's time for the Q&A session of this content. If you have a question about anything related to our guild now is your chance. Pop your question in this posts comments and you just might find your question answered later this reset.

Feel free to use your imagination, now is your chance to ask more specific, like how your favourite player felt during different stages progress, hows tuuttis gfx card holding up or how much time deva spent on gym during progress.

And while you are at it we would also like to get your feedback about what we should ask from our new members ( Daewyn, Tombolo, Paradar ) when we interview them later on. Questions to them also very much welcome.


Who has left us?

Any plans to find another Healing Priest?
-I was an avid follower of Zhinn for a long time...

How long is military service in Finland? As I understand that is where Jubeto has gone for the time being.

Where has Lazeil gone? Why is he now a rank 7 in the guild?

Do you release the video of killing Deathwing?

Will Kahva ever get a playmate or is he to remain a lonely Shaman.

- How would Wakoz sum up this patch for warriors?

the topic about if lappé stopped playing or what he did, derailed into Lazeil..

so, did lappé stop playing ?

I did state that he had studies to do, however I was more wondering on a time span and why he's rank 7

It* not I. And lappé is raven crest helping a friend

okay, any news about when he will be back? just roughly, within a month ?

Does anyone in Paragon want to start playing Starcraft 2 hardcore so they can beat the Koreans at their own game?

Are you planning on releasing videos of the last two bosses as I have been checking the site everyday to see if they come up?

I heard Arx state before that many of the members of Paragon only continue playing the game because they are number 1, now that that has changed are more members going to pursue other interests outside of WoW or does this tier make everyone want to stay and put in more work for Mists of Pandaria?

To Kruf and Devai, how has the hunter class changed this tier in terms of relevance to progression and now, farms?

Whats going on in the guild really? I saw a few days ago Sejta had left Paragon and figured out that he changed server to Ravencrest aswell as Lappé and maybe some more of you, why that? And now atleast Sejta is back in Paragon? Im getting confused.

And whats up with Arx stopped playing or?

i understand that paragon am a full Finnish guild and that the Recruitment is open atm but surely there people out there i play wow to a high level and would love the opportunity to join the ranks of paragon will is ever change ur will paragon allways but a full finnish guild?


How much time does raiding take during progress?

How do you expect Death Knight to perform in DPS in the upcoming expansion?

Is there lot of pressure on the players during progress? i.e concerned about not pulling enough DPS etc.

How does it feel to be like celebrities, having your accomplishments and conquests being watched by thousands of players all around the world?

What's the impact of Paragon in your social life?

Why you need to have to be the best raider in your guild to join?

Hi Paragon,

During Tier 11 I remember you talking about how Blizzard changed the encounter during your progress on Sinestra. With that tier so far behind us, I figured it'd be safe to ask if you could elaborate as to what you were doing on the encounter? What were the mechanics that Blizzard had to implement or fix to force you to come up with completely new strategies? Thanks for your time!

Did you ever feel that DK tanks were stronger on some encounters in Dragon Soul? I've heard a lot of people saying that on certain fights (Yor'sahj 10m heroic for example) that a DK tank just makes things so much easier that it's silly not to take one.

What does Sejta look like

I remember chatting with a few members of Method during last years Blizzcon, specifically regarding mine and their excitement at the new "Challenge Mode" and equipment becoming less relevant with all statistics becoming less valuable - almost meaningless in this mode.

With the bombshell of LFRgate - how would you feel about the above mechanic being introduce also to the raiding front so every guild is "equal" and the race becomes even more focused on strategy and execution. Surely this too would ease up on your farming sessions in the future of requiring additional equipment over multiple characters.

Perhaps, this would lead to an intergrated system again - just as many Vanilla players will remember the old honour system and rankins fully supported by Blizzard themselves. There are multitudes to how this could work, including adding an 'ilvl' per week to support gearing up for the lesser guilds.


The sex of your new players?

What was the main reason "Nize" quit?

What players have quit since t13? And which one of these are "for good"?

is there going to be a spine of deathwing and a madness of deathwing kill video?

Paragon used to be a more community-friendly guild and the site was more active than nowadays.
What has happened to Paragon, especially after clearing DS?

Also, you know that countless of people watch you and check your characters in the armory so they can optimize their gear accordingly. Why do you keep "trolling" everyone by: a. making 2 guils (Paragon and DREAM), b. having wrong specs/gear/reforges and c. transferring to other server?

Don't mean to be offensive, but your guild used to be a lot more social and in touch with the WoW community!

I ask the Deva on combating spine wing of heroic death, what do he think of the fight in the view of hunter, if he really was not necessary to join the guild's first victory on this boss, or even a hunter could make difficulties the victory on that boss, and no 25man guild was doing this fight with the participation of hunters.

sorry for my bad english.

- What's your view on the best tank class for HM, especially with 4T13 bonuses?
- Do you feel that all classes are good enough to do 8/8HM or is class stacking still helping?
- Is Lazeil coming back before MoP?
- Did players quit Paragon because of the lfr ban?
- Did players quit Paragon because of SWTOR?
- Only 2 DKs vs 4 warriors in the roster: is something wrong with DKs for DS HM?
- For which fights do your hunts use BM (if any)?


How did you get intrested in hardcore raiding?

What advice would you give to a player that wants to start with hardcore raiding?

How do you become a "good player"?

Thanks for your answers and go get those world first in MoP!

What is the worst boss you've ever done?

Who is Jhazrun's favourite pony :3?

Will we ever see any pvp footage from you guys?

If lazeil has stopped playing, who will take over his role as a tank?