Sha of Fear down, Terrace of Endless Spring 4/4



Still the best. <3

Great Job

Grats on 10 man.

You are the very best
Like no one ever was
To slay them is your real test
To defeat them is your cause!

You will travel across the land
Raiding far and wide
Each raid boss to understand
The epicness inside!

In other words: Grats :)

Gratz of WF 10 man, a shame theres no realm competition on that defficulty.

Gz guys, late hour kill, now get some well deserved sleep :)

Yes Guys .. FANTASTIC .. i Always Belived in you ! GZZZZ

Grats - I knew you could pull it off.

Great job this tier! I would really like to know what changed in the fight the past few days to lead to a kill finally?

gratz again! :) fantastic acccomplishment :) cannot wait for vid and nerdscream vid :P

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved. -Sun Tzu


congratulations :) my favorite paragon, keep up the fun and good raiding

GZ. Paragon forever 1st.
Method forever 2nd.
There are things that never change :)

Gratz! I don't care about 10 man, you're still the obvious Nr 1 !

Video will come out after 10man 2nd kill?


How would you compare its difficulty to that of the LK or Ragnaros or Deathwing?

Now that you have done 16/16, and it's probably months until next patch. Can you pleaaase make some guides? I want some answers god damnit. As warrior is changed now I rly need help from oixte or w/e. Is there any useful macros etc?.



Looking foward a vid :) Congratulations!

well it`s Dream If paragon not first, how u could not be first since u have healer like jhazrun , dps like lappe (even he heal at grand empress shkezeer) and tank like sejta , i still rembmer at ragnorse when anaram Die and u CR after 15 sec that mean was only 2 healer healing at that time , really guys u are OVER POWER !!!

please guys post sha vedio and we want jhazrun POV

Q to dps warrior(s): Did you play arms on any boss? If yes, why? or in general: Sweeping Strikes vs Raging Blow with Meat Cleaver up? (2-3 targets) What trinkets BiS for t14?

updated:As I said above,10/25cd has been separated in Asia.Bosses in 25man raid have 10% more HP,with 2/4 upgrade loot.That means 25m loot in Asia has higher item level than that in EU and US.I think it will influence T15 race,as it in T13