Will of the Emperor down, 6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults

We used our normal raid composition on the first five bosses (2x paladin, 3x druid, 2x priest, warlock, warrior, hunter) and replaced the hunter and one priest with a warlock and druid on the last boss.

About Gara'jal:
No spell steal or smoke bombs or anything you could consider exploit/clever use of game mechanics. We used three healers and killed him about 15 seconds before enrage. The kill was frapsed and the video will be out at some point.

Special thanks to our farmer and Daewyn&Llilja for coming to stack the raid for the last boss!




GZZZZ guys!! u are the best!!!!

Hyvä te! Onnea! :)

LOL, Ei tainnut kovin vaikea olla, mutta joo onnea jatkoon myös.
(didnt seem that hard, seeing they cleared it in one day though they are pro, but gratz)


Such a great comeback after a painful last tier.

Looking forward to watching the videos as well as reading the commentaries.

Fuck YEAH! USSO taunta!

Great Job
EU back on TOP!!!!!!!!!

ONNEE!! Suomi Finland perkele! :D

Grats Paragon!

Great job !

Well Done!
We believe in you :D

It was so quiet and a lot of unknown guilds climbed up last week Rankings.
Heroic Mode is available and so is Paragon. Thank you and congratulations.

Obviously gonna be the controversy of 10 man this, 25 man that, but paragon is truly on another level. Next 10 man is 2/6. Regardless of 25 or 10, good luck to those competing in the 25 man race and congratulations from the U.S, Paragon!

First of all, congratulation to an amazing performance! I am kind of a so called fanboy because it looks like u are just very good and not as arrogant as others.

But now i cant beleave that all other 10 player groups stay at 2/6 and u kill the will of the emperor. That is... not from this world. Congratz!

and gief vid please :D

and gief vid please :D

Other 10 man guilds are stuck at 2/16 H because it's actually impossible to kill Spiritbinder without exploiting. At least, that's the case on US/Oceanic servers. EU could have gotten a patch that we haven't but it's unlikely.

It's not impossible because of the gear requirement. It's impossible due to the fact that it's tuned for 25 heroic. The spirits spawn at the same interval used in 25-man which leads to players getting 1 shot <40% and sometimes >50%. I can't see any 10 man guild killing this right now.

It would be nice to see a video of Paragon doing this encounter legit but I have a feeling we won't :)

Take 3 healers and the healing won't be a problem. That's what our boys did.

Big grats to you guys, you really know what you are doing in there and are doing it perfect, Paragon forever!

I must congratulate you, getting wf with Smirk in the raid is quite an achievement.

The only exploit must be having the raid high on finlandia and sauna buffs

How many stacks of damage buffs you stacked at your dpsers in shadow realm?
20-25 average?

only one of the newer recruits received a spot in the new small roster. His name is Ets

Kato ku oli. Llilja vikas kaados. Oikein. Gz mosse.

was gara'jal the only fight that was recorded?

Obviously they would beat all 10 man raiding guilds. 10 mans have never been anywhere near as competitive as 25.

Would be cool to get a little summary write-up of each boss like Firelands 10.

It's unlikely we can do anything like that, since we can't do a comparison run of the bosses in 25-man.

Just thoughts about comp requirements or difficulty or Deva's bowel movements, not necessarily comparisons with 25man.

That would make a lot of sense actually, especially if the dps is there to beat the enrage. It seems to be the encounter with a lot of unavoidable damage. Seeing as how the raid gets split up as well, I wouldn't want to have to 2 heal that right now if the dps suggested that it was not necessary.



I know you run the race in 10man but will you clean it in 25man even if you don't have a static roster ? Or will you even run next Tier in 10 man gear ?