Paragon wishes everyone happy holidays

We were able to finish Spine of Deathwing on Thursday putting us at 7/8 bosses killed in Dragon Soul. As many of our members are heading home to visit their families for a few days we are taking a 3 day Christmas break from raiding. Hopefully you can expect Madness of Deathwing to fall "relatively soon" after that.


Hey. I don't post here often. Just wanted to say you proved you have good game ethic. However, that LFR abuse thing was silly. I mean, nobody had the sense to warn you it was probably bannable? (It didn't even give that great benefits from 391 for most classes)

I suspect there was such a guy that warned you and you ignored him.

If that person exists, I suggest to promote it.

Merry Christmas Paragon and everyone else visiting this website!
I hope you will enjoy it asmuch as I will :)

Good luck and have fun pushing Madness when you get back from your break :)

Sidenote to tobindax: I don't think promoting that is any good idea. First of all, it was probably qutie many that told them, and there would be no point at all doing it.
Paragon already acknowledged that they knew it was wrong, but pushed to not lose out on an advantage.

Merry christmas ;)
Now that you've pushed spine of deathwing down, with 1 less reset then other 7/8 guilds, i hope you know you dont have to use exploits etc that others do, play it fair, in the end, the guilds that end up world first without exploiting etc, are the best and deserve way more then guilds like, unfortunately, you.

All I'm saying is, it was obvious to me it was 'probably bannable'. I suspect they had members in their guild that suggested that idea or thought of it. All I'm saying is, promote more those people because whoever took that decision, one person or more, was not thinking very straight. It was too blatant. It was a big risk.

Do you realize that despite of the insane amount of exploiting and bug abusing in the entire expansion absolutely nobody has been getting banned (I've heard rumors of someone getting it from pet tanking Rhyolith, but that's about it?) I mean sure, cheese the living fuck out of Atramedes like every guild in the world or FC to gets extra loot or access heroics before anyone else, that's cool and nobody at Blizzard gives a shit or decides to give you 266% of their maximum ban just to fuck with you?

"Taking a risk" would have been letting every decent guild get an advantage and hope Blizzard for once actually does something about it, in which case the "race" or whatever would have been next to worthless anyway. You don't bet on a crippled horse because it has a good multiplier, and even if it wins that doesn't make you a good better.

Could we put this LFR issue away or even get over it? Just wish Paragon Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Enjoy the days off with your families and friends.

Merry Christmas my finnish friends! ;)

Так бы и написали "Так как мы обосрались везде где могли,мы решили..."
Merry Christmas

Да ладно тебе, ребята старались. Три контента втащили, могут себе позволить послакать немного. Merry Christmas! :)

Да пиздец полный! Merry Christmas!

Happy new year!