Deathwing bites the dust, T13 finished

After returning from our Christmas break and conquering the disconnect and platform bosses, Deathwing is now dead. We'll surely write more about the tier once we've had a chance to recover a bit.


Congratulations to the other finished guilds, and especially KIN Raiders for a very good job this tier!


Congratulations on the kill.

Congrats :) Do you release any of the bosses as kill videos this time?

GZ Paragon!
I'm waiting for your video, I love your videos I feel they are superior to most kill vids out there ^^
(No offence to other guilds, it is interesting watching it but honestly, this is one point I feel Paragon really is the best).
Take your time and make it epic :D

Really I thought you will be the first guild, which kill Deathwing in XM, but I glad you are in Top 5.
I always like your progress, and people who try a lot and do a lot together for one aim to be the best.
Anyway grats one more time, u r the best =Р

Isn't this the first kill by one of the Banned? ;)

Please a huge request from all of the fans of Paragon: Please upload a video of every DS hard mode kill <3 (also input as much DK povs as possible

Congratz Paragon!

Congratulations Paragon!

Kaatuhan se lopulta, jouluruuan voimaako pelissä :P

Anyway, hieno homma sijasta huolimatta!



Kaatuhan se sitten viimeinki onnitelut top5 sijoituksesta

Disappointing the last boss went down faster than Spine. Actually this entire tier has felt very off, hopefully pandas will be better.

Gz and waiting for video anyway.


Actually since they're both technically deathwing, it doesn't matter how fast #8 went down but 7 and 8 together is how you can possibly determine the deathwing fight in full. Remember it's a two part fight.

Congratulations Paragon!

congrats :-)

grats! cant wait for the video!

I'd disagree, no matter how you chop it up part 8 should be harder then part 7. Part 7 should be harder then 6. it should be progressively harder as you reach the end encounter.

when comes the video out?:D


omg look at all those casters with legendaries :)

interested in your thoughts on the current tier and how Deathwing played out, if you have got some rest now :p

When we will can watch video ? :D

well no not really cause in some people's minds like mine i found ultraxion easier to kill than zon'ozz and yorshaj easier than zon'ozz ive seen some guilds kill morchok then hagara that might be cause its easier yeah i agree madness should be more difficult than spine but thats how it goes if you down madness first you down it first, spine is very similar to notmal when on hc apart from having to basically kill "6" tendons when it would be very mana draining i'd simply imagine they were wiping longer due to mana issues on the last platform...