Diivil on Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

Paragon's first legendary staff, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest will go to Diivil, one of the players that has been in the guild since the beginning. Even when the item is still on it's epic state I wanted to talk to Diivil and ask him a couple of questions on why it was him who got the quest, and how has the questline been treating him.


Hi Diivil, could you tell our readers something about yourself?

I'm Diivil. A guy is in in mid 20s and living in Finland. Who would have guessed?


How long have you been playing World of Warcraft and how did you end up joining the guild?

I started playing WoW a few months after the EU release back in 2005. Before that I was playing Enemy Territory Fortress with Lazei and Seita. Seita urged us both to try WoW out (he had played in the beta) so we did. Seita soon joined a guild called Grim Sight Clan where he had some friends and other people he knew from Warcraft3 days and both me and Lazei soon followed. Many GSC members went on to play together in guilds that followed, namely Beyond Redemption, Celestial and finally Knockout. I did not enjoy hardcore raiding back then so I wasn't a member of most of the guilds though I did raid with them occasionally when they didn't have enough members online. I was a full member of Knockout though and I joined Paragon when it was founded in the merge of Knockout and Sauna.


Has that warlock always been your main? At least I've heard you've done numerous race changes to it, what's up with that?

Mage was my first character but just a few weeks after getting to lvl 60 I decided that (shadow) priest would probably be more fun so I quickly leveled one up. After coming back from a 9 month break from WoW due to my army service in 2006 I started a warlock and have been playing it ever since.

I think my warlock has gone from UD to orc to UD to goblin to orc for many stupid reasons. So that's 100 euros on race changes over the years and I have to admit that's not my proudest of investments.


Why do you play a warlock at the moment?

I pretty much always play casters in any MMO or RPG game. I simply like the style. Warlocks raid responsibilities have been cut down a lot since TBC days so nowadays you bring a warlock for damage (and the odd combat res) or you don't bring one at all. While I used to be the guy that did all the special roles back when warlocks were used as ranged or magic tanks, I don't mind the state of the warlock class right now. I'd rather play a warlock than any other class.


We know that you are the only player in Paragon with the vanilla legendary staff, Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian. How was your second legendary staff distributed in Paragon?

Legendaries and mounts from raids are usually given in order of raid attendance from the previous tier combined with the current tier and its PTR testing. Both me and xenophics were tied at 100% while everyone else had missed a raid or few during the months so it came between us two. Since we ran 2 25 man normal raids on the first week it was decided that the one who gets more eternal embers from that first raid will get the first legendary. I came on top with 14 embers.


Were you expecting to get the first one yourself?

I knew I was going to get the first or second one based on how previous legendaries were distributed in the guild. RNG favored me with the drops so I got the be the first.


Do you think this was a fair way to give out a legendary item?

You are going to have to give out the first one without the knowledge of which class (and thus the raid) would benefit the most from it. I don't think there's a better way to decide that than our way in Paragon at least. There's no fear that I or anyone else who got it might leave the guild and take their legendary with them to another guild but that's not going to be the case for the majority out there. There's also the case of class rerolling to be considered but I'm going to play a warlock or not play at all so there's that solved.



We heard you've had some issues with the questline, can you share the story with us?

The first small issue was getting the last ember from Bethilac so I couldn't do all the quests to advance to the ember collection stage on the third week. The bigger issue came later in that raid reset. I was talking about race change during our Ragnaros wipes and not me or anyone else remembered that your quest log is cleared when you do a race change. I actually only realised this later after going to do the quest at Bethilac. Most of the raid weren't very pleased :] So we went and wiped on all 4 bosses so I could get the focus quests done again, then advanced to the special encounter in Firelands and only then we proceeded to kill the bosses so I could collect the cinders. I'm sorry!


Do you think the rng gods will favor you with the rest of the drops?

I don't think there's much RNG left that could screw me over. Seething Cinders seem to drop at a very specified pace and while I'm not certain how the last part of collecting smouldering essences will work, I doubt there's much RNG involved.


Gonna beat the meters with your new weapon when you get it done?

Hopefully. Until an arcane mage gets his but I don't mind that.. As long as it isn't Baltha.


What do you think of Ragnaros encounter and how did your class perform on it?

We only used a single warlock during our earlier wipes and the single warlock was Jubeto because he is our true demonology specialist. But when the final tactics were done and we were going for the kill (last 200 or so pulls of 500) we had all our 3 warlocks in the raid. I feel like the raid might have needed a few more pieces of more gear to meet the DPS requirements our tactic required had we had no warlocks at all so overall I think all 3 of use contributed a lot to the kill.


Any tips to people out there wanting the first legendary of their guild, how to earn it?

Be a good and active player of your guild and hope you haven't pissed off the dude(s) who decide who is going to get it.


Is there anything else you'd like to add?

AHAHAH got mine!

Also, thanks o/


Thanks Diivil for taking the time to answer these questions.


Diivil is the worst player in Paragon.

Congrats on not releasing for the H:Rag kill today Lazeil...

And grats on staff Diivil.

Edit: and grats on WF H:Rag10...

Diivil is the best player in Paragon.

Diivil is the best player in Paragon.

Paragon is the worst guild in Diivil.


Also, Gz Diivil :)

Congrats Diivil, interesting to see how many you guys pump out in this tier. Do you think it will be worth farming t12 come T13 for more Legendaries (thinking how Ulduar mace was still BiS due to proc in ICC)?

Gz indeed cant wait to see it on the next live event