Don't worry, be heroic

After seeing the updates on the Paragon Facebook and Twitter I felt the need and urge to make a short blog post to all of you who seem to be worried regarding the apparently slacking progress of the guild.

As of now Paragon, your most liked and beloved group of Finns since the Leningrad Cowboys, only has downed 2 out of the 7 bosses. What does that mean? Have they caught some weird disease that came over from DreamHack? Or maybe all decided to give WoW the finger and rather enjoy the sun, drink or dive for golf balls to make some extra money?

Before you flood them with queries, mails, posts and messages, take a minute to think about how this whole world first race works: When the patch is released, all bosses are ONLY available in NORMAL mode. If a guild kills all normal mode bosses this week, they will be able to start HEROIC mode next week, after the maintenance. So this week there is no race. All big guilds will clear the normal mode bosses this week without too much stress, farm reputation and BoE epics and just relax a bit more. 

The race for the Heroic World First Ragnaros kill (trademark?) starts next week. Until then, keep your feet (or hooves) still and enjoy the Firelands on your own.


I and arx have actually been sick since Dreamhack.

Also "... or dive for golf balls to make some extra money" *chuckle*

Aw, that sucks. Hope you both get to feeling better.

There won't be any race, Stars rerolled alliance after killing ragnaros on normal and is right now buzy doing hardmodes. The allready killed the first one.

Well I would assume that this is not the way Blizzard wants it to work or how the majority of established high level guilds want the race to be done. So I'd just ignore Stars to be honest.

Stars (TW) got World First Heroic Shannox 6 hours 15minutes ago.

GG Faction Change Exploits.

They were kicked out of the instance by GMs soon after, so all other bosses are still up for grabs.

Some people report they are 3/7, so wouldn't know.

Please everyone, check yours sources always. Don't go stating things as facts if you don't have anything to post as a backup. Just makes people confused.

Asian guilds have always been weeks and months behind in patch releases maybe this one time being ahead is not so unfair...

They were behind because patches and expansions came out delayed but that is not justifying the use of an exploit / bug.

I don't understand this post, they said all big guilds will clear it this week on normal, and that the 'real' race starts next week, so why is Paragon not clearing it all this week? They're gonna be a whole week behind, doing normal modes while the other big guilds are working on heroics. /boggle

You misunderstand something: This WoW week still has today, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. So that is five evening left for Paragon to clear whatever is still open. They just have to kill Ragnaros until next week Tuesday before the raid lockout is reset. Heroics for EU realms start on the 6th of July.

Was that more understandable?

Just my 2 cents, but most probably they are wiping on bosses, practising for the HC versions?
Seems more likely, since killing all the normal version in the first day is pointless.

"Asian guilds have always been weeks and months behind in patch releases maybe this one time being ahead is not so unfair..."

The Taiwanese realms have had their patch a whole day later for years. The difference is the same as between US and EU. Why does this myth still live?

It wasn't a myth but just me being uninformed :) Thanks for the clarification.