Assembly Summer 2011 - Thursday

This time I decided to try something new: writing about the event I attend while it's still going on and not after it when I'm already suffering the post-party feeling. There are pros and cons with this tactics though, one of the downsides is that while I write about what is going on I'm missing out on some of the fun :/

So here comes my super unofficial Assembly blog.

As some of you know, Assembly is the biggest computer event in Finland that a lot of gaming, demo scene and computer enthusiasts attend each year. The summer version is the bigger one of the 2 events (summer and winter) and is held at Hartwall Arena with about 2500 computer places for people who bring their computers. One of this year's highlights is the Asus ROG Starcraft 2 tournament which undoubtetly draws more people who just want to visit the event without their computer. We of course do our part and on Saturday we have a live raid on Asus Power play arena. We'll be doing Firelands 25-man heroic run and will hopefully reach a lot of viewers through Total Biscuit's stream.

But that's Saturday and it's still far away. So what happened today? It was hard for me to get to sleep last night after our alt raid, as there was some action going on in Teamspeak. So I ended up sleeping way too little and waking up at 10am to pack up my and arx's stuff and prepare for the event. When everything was ready (which was around 20 minutes later than it should have been) we drove to Kruf's place, picked him up and drove to pick up one of our new members, Yliajo. We stuffed his computer and bags to the already pretty full car and finally drove to the party place.

As always, it was very crowded outside the main entrances to Assembly. We were able to skip some queue though since we had over 30 tickets which we turned to entrance bracelets in a separate office. The guy at the encounter looked a bit discouraged when I turned up with more than 30 prints that had barcodes that didn't work so he needed to put down the information manually. After getting pur tickets and getting in we spent the next hour looking for a trolley to get our coumputers in, and then actually getting the stuff to our tables in gamelab.




Myself I surfed in and out with all our bracelets when people arrived in small parties from all over Finland. Wakoz has been waiting outside the doors since 10 am waiting for us, I don't understand how he managed to survive it without getting too bored. When around half of the gang had arrived I gave the rest of the tickets to Lazei and some of us went to get something to eat from Helsinki downtown. We also brough some lan nourishment like chips and cola (no ES, sadly), and I spent over 5 euros to buy a small box of raspberries. Terrible, but at least they are healthier that candy.

On our way to get some food

After getting back we said hello to the people who arrived while we were away and settled down to our computers. Kruf, Lutkukka and another mage from our guild played a round of WSG and Verdisha stood behind Kruf with Seita giving him "tips" continuosly and commenting on how big numbers he was able to pull out. I hear mages were good targets to kill. I have no doubt that it was a bit annoying from Kruf's perspective but a lot of fun to the rest of the gang that gathered behind them to listen.


Our computer places in game lab

It's pretty quiet at the moment here and we are all waiting for Verdisha and arx to get back. We'll spend the rest of the night in some nice park enjoying the end of the warm Finnish summer and havining fun together. I promise to take some pictures and write something about the occasion so you'll know tomorrow what happened. I've already uploaded some pictures to our Facebook profile, so go there if you want to see them.

By the way, if you are at Assembly and would like to talk with us please come by and say hello. We are here to have fun together as a guild, but also because we want to enjoy Assembly together with the rest of the Finnish World of Warcraft enthusiasts.


The walking shot reminds me of Reservoir Dogs. Just with less suites and more geeks.

So with only one blog while there I take it you decided it was not a good idea? Too vodka incapacitated to continue? :D

Oh, it was a marvelous idea. Too bad I couldn't keep up with the blog entries during the event, so I'll post the rest of it today together with the pictures.

Looking very very forward to all of it :D Hope you guys had a blast.