Ragnaros 25-man Heroic is DEAD!

 The Firelord lies dead in a pile of ashes.


Ragnaros: Too soon!

Or was it? No, not really. Not if you ask us.


We've NEVER put as much effort into a kill as we now did on downing Heroic Ragnaros. We had a few grueling low percentage wipes and we were already planning on continuing early tomorrow with a better set of gear. Our kill attempt was going to be our last pull of the night as the thunderstorms and disconnects were kicking in.

Then everything clicked. All of our combined effort, practicing, theorycrafting and planning finally paid off. We had a near-perfect try and Ragnaros just melted away. A wave of relief washed over us. It was finally over. We wiped  500+ times on the boss, although I lost count at some point. Absolutely epic feeling after such an epic fight!


We'd really like to thank all of you guys for supporting us. We also would like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors who help us do what we do; a big thank you to SteelSeries, ASUS and especially our new partner DREAM! We'd of course like to thank Blizzard and the developers as well. The hotfixes were lightning fast. :)

You can also follow us at our social media sites:


We will be releasing a video of our kill later on -- most likely as soon as someone else kills Ragnaros on Heroic. Until then, keep following us and check for updates!


[edit:] Just for the kicks, here's the world first Ragnaros kill back in Molten Core by Ascent: click for the video. I tip my hat to you.


YES!! Congrats guys! Amazing job as always. Thanks for the dedication.

Huge grats guys

double post fail

GRATSSSSSS! You can all go to bed now :D

Will there be nerd rages on the video ?! :D

Really impressive, cant wait to hear toughts about the difficulty and so on, as this clearly was a hard one.

Nice =) ... waited for a long time that kill =)
Cant wait to see screenshots and video of that kill =)
Gratz guys

World First! Congratulations, Paragon!

I already knew! #1


fucking grats guys! Paragon forever

Well done guys, congratulations.

GZ, really good job!

Going hard for World 2nd! :D


For the Horde

Great job Guys !!!

Congrats guys!!!!!! Worlds best freaking guild, keep it up! :)

yay, gratz waiting for video!

Yes! Grats guys :D
Xenophics, you're my idol! xoxo

But you see... the Content is to easy, mutch more time was needed for Classic Naxxramas etc.

and Congratz

I hope your Casters hate Siamat now! :D

Woho! Congratulations from Sweden! ;D

Are you guys going to hold back the video until another kill happens?

Can't wait to watch the video, gonna watch that in 1080p!!

Congrats guys! Can't wait to see all the killvideos :)


Give us time frame for video! And grats of course :)

gratz,however, really interesting loot trading

Nice gj ;) When will it be up on youtube?

NVM silly me :p asking first, reading after.


By "Dastan"
"But you see... the Content is to easy, mutch more time was needed for Classic Naxxramas etc."

Today, its way more organized than back then, you cant compare a fresh gaming community's time to down bosses with a 6 year old gaming community's time to down bosses.
Just because it took longer time to down a boss 6 years ago, does not mean it was harder.
(To reach ragnaros you would need revered or exalted with hydraxian waterlords first (7 people needed the reputation) which in itself was just a time block, not adding to the difficulty.)
Please, try to go in with a few lvl 70s or something in molten core, so you wont zerg it too quickly down, you will see it wasnt especially hard tacts to follow, atleast not in my opinion, it was more about the organization.

Ontopic: Congratulations Paragon, awesome job on the kill! Now take your "break" (The few hours of sleep) because it resets tomorow! :P

Умеете, могёте .... Заебись чотко.

Congrats on Worlds First! :D

"We will be releasing a video of our kill later on -- most likely as soon as someone else kills Ragnaros on Heroic. Until then, keep following us and check for updates!"

May I ask whys this, do you guys not want to give a idea to anyone on how you downed Him?

Circle of Wow progress:
-New patch
-PTR testing
-lvl up gear up
-Paragon 25HC XXXX down!
-Usso taunta usso taunta E.S. Posthumus sountracks
-New patch

"May I ask whys this, do you guys not want to give a idea to anyone on how you downed Him?"

We respect the race for the second place. If we were to release a kill video now, there would be trolls bugging the everliving hell out of whoever would get the second kill, just claiming that they copied our strategy. Even if it wouldn't be true and they would have put in an absolutely massive amount of effort. They deserve recognition for their accomplishment.

If not something else, from all the noise (walls shattering from the extended screaming and beating), i would discover that i actually live next one of the paragon raiders. Ofcourse what ensues next was drinking of random liquids and talking of the good old days. When one could actually "oneshot" every clothie with a awesome wf macro(hi unbreakable).

Nevertheless, good job Paragon, you've deserved a break till the next content for sacrificing your summer like this. Good night. Sleep well. No more nightmares of Method stealing the WF ;)

hahaha I just check wow progress and say you guys were the only ones 7/7. wasn't surprised just impressed haha congrats guys! you deserve it keep up the good work


I've been rooting for you guys on this kill for quite some time. I didn't hear about it until I was in mid-raid tonight where I promptly did a fist-pump, followed by a sip of my favorite beverage (warm tea).

Huge congratulations from me! I sincerely enjoy watching your progress and success! Good luck in your future endeavors... not that you guys really need any. The dedication and hard work speaks for itself.

Grats, hopefully other guilds down him this reset so we can see some awesome video again ;B

Ossum, grats y'all!

Ja suomeksi, aivan mahtavaa lukea tämä tässä aamukahvin äärellä, onnittelut koko sakille :)

Congratulations for showing again a finish attitude.There alot of time since i glance at the people in here for info and theorycrafting, so i am going to wait until someone else downs Rag because i am dieing to see the combat logs of a few people and the vid to see how u handled fight.
Congrats again and keep being role models for the guys here, looking up at you.

Hieno homma pojat, ansaittu kaato!

Fucking finally... I mean Congratulations!!! :D

Need the video :D with awsome and epic music <3
Congrats dudes !

Congratulations!! Well deserved world first.

It's creative when Paragon does anything outside the norm.

It's exploiting when anyone else does it.

Congrats for a job well done!!

How come some don't have the achievement (Xenophics, Lazeil, etc.)?


It's sort of fitting that the video of the Ascent kill starts off with Navv in the forefront, one of our Finnish players. Ascent was founded in EQ, partially by a group of Finns I knew from Batmud, also based in Finland) that we brought over to Everquest.

Grats worked really hard at it and glad to see u get it done like said above now u can sleep :)