Ragnaros 10-man Heroic is DEAD as well!

Killing Ragnaros: Vol II.

After a very deserving break from a tight raiding schedule that we kept for the past few weeks, we went back in to the Firelands. The goal was pretty simple: Check out the fights on 10-man heroic to gauge their relative difficulty compared to 25-mans. There's been so much discussion on various community sites about this topic, saying that 10-mans are "overtuned" and near unkillable and whatnot.

Others saying it's the other way around.

After a quick clear of the filler bosses yesterday, we decided to go all out on Ragnaros today. We begun importing our 25-man tactics and had multiple very silly wipes. Once we realized we could just ditch the overly complicated tactics, we made several P4 wipes. Soon afterwards we were able to slay him and get the world first 10-man Ragnaros Heroic kill as well.

ragnaros 10 hc killshot

All in all, Ragnaros on the 10-man Heroic mode took 32 wipes in total with everything (such as multiple disconnects) included. [edit:] Obviously enough, this is just trivia. People were asking about it and would've kept asking about it. Don't read more to it.


We (zyn and arx) will also be writing a rather detailed comparison of the difficulty between the 10-man and 25-man Heroics in the next few days. You can read the opinions of everyone who participated in the 10-man Heroics there and see how everyone feels about it.


ARE YOU CRAZY?))) so fast omg

i want see video =33

Of course this is kind of impressing.. it wasn't really a big surprise... the question is... you got a tactic which worked on both 10-man and 25-man ( King size :p ) raiding.. compared to each other.. was is it more diffcult with 10 or 25 people.. and did you manage to get Ragnaros down with 2 TWO!!! 10 Man Groups, or only with one "top-shot" group? Thanks for your answer guys ;)

Now go level some characters on the US servers and grab the US first, too. =)

you guys are on fire

Have to admit this is impressing. Is this like dps race fight or like a survivability or more like both. Only thing i feel sad there is no Diivil best lock in world :< . But big GZ for double WF ! By ex-wow player

Well you already had the experience from the 25M kill not to mention all the extra loot you got from it. If you had start the so called world first race in the 10M bracket you would have to learn the fight from zero thus you would have wiped more, also you would not be so well geared as you are now provided that 10M drops lower loot quantity/lower valorP per player in raid.

sexy :D

If you killed him, why doesnt wowprogress say you did?

@glaize ... why is there always people like you, trying to hate and not recognizing the accomplishment this Guild is presenting ... there is yet to be another Guild in either 10 or 25 raidcomp to down this encounter and Paragon did it in both sizes already ...

I salute you for your dedication, I think it's more then impressive for a purely finish speaking Guild to dominate the scene like you do ... I mean there's like less people in the World speaking your language then there are living in any Major U.S. City alone for example ...


what do you like so much about those druids? :)

They left a hint lying under the corpse of Rag.

I like how you guys say "32 wipes with disconnects" NO SHIT YOU ALREADY DID THE FIGHT OVER 500 TIMES ON 25 MAN? Good job, I would hope you could kill it within those attempts you know the fights............

the serious 10m guilds have probably wiped just as much. and considering no one has gotten Rag since paragon and it has been multiple days..

"filler bosses"

lol, love you guys. gz.

The BIG question here. Were there any Shammies in the 10 heroic kill...or do you guys not run classes that provide significantly less dps than others?

@SecretAzure why would paragon take a dps class that doesnt pull the numbers? they wont take a shama for a kill just to keep you happy, they are after world first's how they gona do that if they take useless classes. Gratz on the 10 and 25 man kill. you guys deserve it. I dont see why ppl qq bout you killing 10man boss before the rest aswell. All it proves that you are once again the best.

P.S you did say that after the 2nd kill of heroic rag you would release the vid...sooo?

as far as I reckon no one else have killed him yet

Was your line up like this?

Lazei – Paladin Prot
Sejta – Druid Feral

Lappe – Druid boomk
Lihas – Druid Boomk
Jubeto – Warlock Demo
Rakez – Rogue Combat
Baltha – Mage Arcane
Synty – DK Frost

Llonie – Paladin Holy
Arx – Druid resto

4 druids and 2 pallies... lol
are they so OP ?

what about changin druid resto for shammy and rogue for warrior? Still a good group ?