Blackhand Mythic is down

Wipe count:

  • Gruul: 12
  • Oregorger: 1
  • Darmac: 1
  • Ka'graz: 4
  • H&F: 3
  • Thogar: 30
  • TBF: 293
  • Kromog: 7
  • IM: 59
  • Blackhand: 667


GZ gl next tier ;)

I am sure you guys are the best!Good luck 6.2!

Very well done! I'm curious to read your feedbacks for this tier (in case you want to write some).

Good Luck for next tier and I hope you all keep up the good job!

Congrats. Hoping to see you at first next one.

Congratulations on world's second, looking forward to watching the BF videos!

And perhaps to an after the fact analysis on what you thought of this tier, and what would have enabled you to beat Method or close the gap.