13/13 Throne of Thunder




Congrats guys! World first when it matters, as usual! ;)

Awesome job guys ! Congrats!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations. Is it the first time you used a monk in your progress raids? And maybe first time without a holy paladin.

Grats ! Good luck on Ra-den now !

Grats! Paragon is bis :)


Gz! Keep it going and win the race :D

Gratz on the kill! Keep up the good work and nuke Ra-dens ass!

smirk (holy pally) == unpl (monk healer)

I am quite curious though, why go with a lesser geared monk for this fight? Is the monk that much better at raid healing here?

Amazing job! Been rooting for you from across the Atlantic!

Gratz!!! Dream Paragon.

Nice and gratz !!!!!!

As always hehe.
Nice killshot and GRATZ.


Omg gratz guys! WF like always. Screenshot from Ra-Shen's room please!

I was beginning to think one would have to wait another week for more stuff.
Looking forward to watching a nice video!

btw methink it should have been fairer to have the same chances to get thunderforge loot for both 10 and 25 until progression was finished as it can addup to non trivial ilvl differences. Then go on with the plan to advantage 25 raids.

Guess there was a lot AOE heal to do.
Also 2 warlocks, my guess is 2 demono warlocks so probably lots of AOE damage to produce.

Guys, you are real awesome ^_^ GZ!




Always the best, it was funny to see you catch up on other guilds and, one again, strike first when matters most! And now, the last effort!


congraz for your achievenment, 梦想.your stilllll the best guild in the world. i got one question for sejta, is mastery rating now important for druid tank? or it is still a trash .

Really good work on this.

Please post videos of Lei Shen HC and Raden when you are done.

I think it is also time for a Q&A soon to get your views on the tier and different classes/strengths/weaknesses/utility (even if you don't roster them all) because you have changed your raid setup for some fights. :)

grats on world first

Well done Paragon. With Smirk in the raid, you 9 manned this boss basically. Very impressive!

lazio:)))) SMIRK!

Grats guys.
I hope you post an Video of your Ra-Den trys to show how hard this Boss is.


Hi guys. Am a big fan of your videos. Just wondering when will you guys be releasing Ra-den video?