Paragon will be switching from 25man to 10man for MoP

After Dragon Soul progression many of our players decided to quit the game, some of them were already showing lack of interest during the DS progress raids. In total 34 players took part in DS progress, 14 of which are no longer playing WoW at all. Most of them were longtime core players. On top of that some of our current players can't put in the time anymore as they used to do.

We were able to get some quality recruits to replace the ones whom had quit, but not enough. So far we had recruited 12 players. It has always been hard for us to recruit new players and we pretty much had the same core of 20+ from late Ulduar to Dragon Soul which played a big part in our success.

During the beta it became obvious that the current roster will not cut it in MoP unless we get couple of more quality recruits. So far we haven't been able to get the roster we needed and have decided it's better to continue as a 10man guild from now on than to hope for something miraculous to happen in the upcoming weeks. This also leaves time for our players to find a new guild before MoP if they so desire.

At the moment it looks like our 10man lineup will be the following and we'll be pushing for the heroic world firsts as hard as ever, this time in the 10man category.

Tanks: Fragi, Sejta
Healers: Jhazrun, Smirk, Ets
DPS: Baltha, Lappe, Lazeil, Verdisha, Vivanda



Devai's stream best EU

Deva - the Kimi Raikkonen of WoW - drunk as shit but always gets the job done

Devai for u or seijta: on the manaflask interview seita said that u could "prolly" be in the top 5 25 man raiding so how come ur not going for it ? i mean why not give it a shot maybe u do really well and get the world first anyway? i mean top5 is top5 everything can happen? why take it to 10 man when ur not even gave it a chanse?

Devai, where will I hate on hunters now!?

I will start streaming again once MoP comes out, just to entertain the crowd, reason why i stopped was due to not really having enough people interested in the DS farming. Hopefully with new content people will be more interested to see what is out there, and how exactly do the best do it! Ive planned to stream my leveling all the way to lvl 90, in one go, for those interested you will be able to see what is supposedly one of the fastest ways to do so ;)

cyvuss on kripparrian's stream :) <-- here

To Hunky because we have only 1 goal, to be the best, not fifth, simple enough.

world of hunter needs you Devai..

Times change, people change. Time for new challenges. I wish you guys all the best and I wanna thank especially Deva for his streaming, really enjoyed it everytime. Peace.

I'm really sad to see paragon leave the 25 man raiding scene. I've been playing this game since vanilla and i can see why it's hard to keep people motivated and keep the guild strong enough in numbers and skillwise. I wish you all the best in 10 man raiding. AUSSO TAUNTA!

To be fair 25 man raids = easy mode 10 man is the way to go you can make mistakes in 25 man you cant in 10 man, from personal experiance!

Im currently in a 10 man old school raid guild (yes we raid with no tactics from beta tests etc and no voice chat and still relatively good progress)

This announcement made so truly sad. There fades an era of thrill, excitement and entertainment.
Good luck and fun for the 10man core. And for those who quit warcraft - best wishes for your future.
Sincerely a Fan of yours :(

It wont matter what you play or do , youre our epic hunter from best guild ever! ^^ keep it up!

I feel your pain,

Although not an elite guild we had the same problem a year ago and it is a terrible letdown for those who won't be part of the 10-man raid roster.

I wish you the very best in the 10-man format.

Why don't you create a second casual roster for those of you who can play but less than before? Anyway I sure would love to watch Paragon players on streams, even non-roster members. Btw Lazei will you play & stream a little in MoP?

Haha Devai ;) Sorry to tell you but I'm already in a relationship ;(

disappointing for the whole guild in that case :-<

Now ima sad panda >:(

D'awwww, I'm so sowwy ;(

So people cries about this "you take only finnish speaking ppl" just becouse of that you cant get to a epic guild? Deal with it, you will never get join Paragon. Kunnes osaat tämän jalon suomen taidon, höhlät :D (Translated for english ppl: learn finnish suckers roflmao)