Paragon Q&A - Ask away

It's time for the Q&A session of this content. If you have a question about anything related to our guild now is your chance. Pop your question in this posts comments and you just might find your question answered later this reset.

Feel free to use your imagination, now is your chance to ask more specific, like how your favourite player felt during different stages progress, hows tuuttis gfx card holding up or how much time deva spent on gym during progress.

And while you are at it we would also like to get your feedback about what we should ask from our new members ( Daewyn, Tombolo, Paradar ) when we interview them later on. Questions to them also very much welcome.


How much cola did Verdisha stack before progress and does he still have the cans/bottles at home?

QA session is over head to to check out the answers.