Paragon VS Ragnaros 25man Heroic


holy shit, I apologise for this, but first ;D


nice movie

I dont get it, your guys are just to awesome. People is always complaining about "Paragon" are freaks , paragon dont have a life Ehhh ? wtf, Some people cant just get in their heads that u guys know every foot step of every singe player in the raid. CHEERS GUYS AND GIRLS keep up the good work very very very good job ;)

Great video! --
one question, what is the addon the druid is using to put the eclipse bar at the bottom?

are you lads thinking of making any other FL videos for the site?

It has been our intention to release videos of other Firelands encounters all the time. At the moment we seem to be lacking a person who would be up for the task.

I volunteer Xenophics to be "up for the task" to record and upload all heroic kill vids for all up and coming raid instances!!!! :D

I'd be up for it. All I need is:
1. Invite to guild
2. Raid with you guys.
3. Finnish lessons.
4. A recording program and comp that can handle recording while raiding.
5. Adopt me.

:D Paldain. Sounds simple enough!

But seriously, if you guys need an amazing Holy Pally I am here. trial me <3

Manni, which addon are you using to get your HP, MANA panel and your targets in that style?

Your Frames*