Paragon VS Nefarian 25 Heroic


Stream: Holy Paladin - Diamondtear, Hunter - Devai, Feral Druid - Lappé, Priest - Zhinn





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Well, looks like a fun fight. Grats again on the kill.

Although the last bit made me scratch my head and wonder if I should laugh or cry.

Kittens go meow idd.

GoNgRaTz! Paragon is best guild 4life! Go visit my charter : Darkeye. Blood Elf. Mage. Realm: Tarren Mill. Good Luck Paragon!

How the he** can u do 60k dps it's just not possible.
The one with Elkano's buff bar's how did he make 2 lines of the buffs i've tried it many times but it's always only 1 bar. Very nice video hope i can defeat Nefarian @ Heroic too someday. :D

lol mind controll gives 2 options to either stack a buff which increases dmg or just go out of the mind controll to avoid death at the portal you slowly walk to when mind controlled

kuinka kaua tuo ottelu kesti ja onnee kaadosta

You can see the duration in the video, just start counting after the intro is over.

nice trick you did with the feral druids there